情态动词(一)情态动词的定义 情态动词表示说话人对某一动作或状态的态度。(二)情态动词的特点 1)有一定词义;2)不受主语人称和数的变化影响;3)与主要动词的原形(或称不带 to 的不定式)一起构成谓语(除 ought to作固定词组看待)。(三)情态动词的分类和意义意义情态动词(四)情态动词的基本用法1. can could1)表示能力,could 主要指过去时间。Two eyes can see more than one. 两只眼比一只眼看得清。Could the girl read before she went to school 这女孩上学前能识字吗?2)表示可能(理论上或是逻辑判断上) 。The temperature can fall to –60℃ that is 60℃ below freezing.气温可降至—60℃,也就是零下 60℃。He can’t couldn’t have enough money for a new car. 他不可能有足够的钱买新车。You mustnt smoke while youre walking around in the wood. Youcould start a fire.在林子里走时勿吸烟,那样可能会引起火灾。3)表示允许。Can I have a look at your new pen 我可以看一看你的新钢笔吗?He asked whether he could take the book out of the reading-room.他问他可不可以把书带出阅览室。4)表惊异、怀疑、不相信等态度。主要用于否定句、疑问句或感叹句中。Where can could they have gone to 他们会去哪儿了呢?He can’t couldn’t be over sixty. 他不可能超过六十岁。How can you be so careless 你怎么这么粗心?5)比较委婉客气地提出问题或陈述看法。Can Could you lend me a hand 帮我一把好吗?I’m afraid we couldn’t give you an answer today. 恐怕我们今天不能给你答复。2. may might1)表允许,might 可以指过去时间,也可指现在时间,语气更委婉。You may take whatever you like. 你喜欢什么就拿什么。He told me that I might smoke in the room. 他告诉我可以在房间里抽烟。May Might I ask for a photo of your baby 我可以要一张你宝宝的照片吗?在回答以 may 引起的问句时,多避免用这个词,而用其它方式,如 Yes please. / Certainly./ Please don’t ./ You’d better not. / No you mustn’t.等,以免显得太严峻或不客气。2)表可能(事实上) 。可以指过去时间,也可以指现在时间,但语气更加不肯定。He may be at home. 他可能在家。She may not know about it. 她可能不知道这件事。He was afraid they might not agree with him. 他担心他们可能不同意他的意见。They might be having a meeting but I’m not sure. 他们有可能在开会,不过我不肯定。3. must1)表示义务。意为“必须”(主观意志) 。We must do everything step by step. 我们一切都必须循序渐进地做。You mustn’t talk to her like that. 你不可能那样对她说话。--Must we hand in our exercise—books now 我们现在就要交练习本吗?--No you needn’t. / No you don’t have to. 不必。 (这种情况

下,一般不用 mustn’t)2)表示揣测。意为“想必、准是、一定”等,只用于肯定句。He must be ill. He looks so pale. 他准是病了。他的脸色苍白。She’s wearing a diamond necklace. She must have a lot ofmoney. 她戴着钻石项链,一定很有钱。4. shall1)表征询意见,用于第一、第三人称疑问句。Shall I get you some tea 我给你点茶好吗?Shall the boy wait outside 让那男孩在外面等吗?What shall we do this evening 我们今晚做什么?2)表说话人的意愿,有“命令、允诺、警告、决心”等意思,用于第二、第三人称陈述句。You shall do as I say. 按我说的做。 (命令)You shall have my answer tomorrow. 你明天可以得到我的答 (允诺)复。He shall be sorry for it one day I tell you. 有一天他会后悔的, (警告)我告诉你。Nothing shall stop us from carrying out the plan. 什么也不能阻 (决心)止我们执行这项计划。5. will1)表意愿,用于各种人称陈述句。I will do anything for you. 我愿为你做任何事。None is so blind as those who won’t see. 不愿看的人眼最瞎。If you will read the book I’ll lend it to you. 如果你愿意读这本书,我会把它借给你。2)表请求,用于疑问句。Will you close the window It’s a bit cold. 请你把窗户关上好吗?有点冷。Won’t you drink some more coffee 再来一点咖啡好吗?3)表示某种倾向或习惯性动作。Fish will die out of water. 鱼离开水就不能活。The door won’t open. 这门打不开。The boy will sit there hour after hour looking at the traffic go by.那男孩常常坐在那里好几个钟点,看着车辆行人通过。6. should1)表义务。意为“应该”(某件事宜于做) ,用于各种人称。You should be polite to your teachers. 你对老师应该有礼貌。You shouldn’t waste any time. 你不应该浪费时间。2)表推测,意为“想必一定、照说应该、估计”等。The film should be very good as it is starring first-class actors.这部新电影是一流演员主演的,估计拍得很好。They should be home by now. 照说他们现在应当已经到家了。7.would1)表意愿。They would not let him in because he was poorly dressed. 他们不让他进去因为他衣着破旧。I said I would do anything for you. 我说过我愿意为你做任何事。2)表委婉地提出请求、建议或看法。Would you like another glass of beer 再来杯啤酒好吗?Would you mind cleaning the window 请把窗户擦一下好吗?They wouldn’t have anything against it. 他们不会有什么反对意见。3)表过去反复发生的动作或过去的一种倾向。Every time she was in trouble she would go to him for help.她每遇到麻烦都会向她求助。他告诉我盒子打不开了。8. ought to ,口气比 should1)表义务,意为“应该”(因责任、义务等该做)稍重。You are his father. You

ought to take care of him. 你是他父亲,应当管他。You oughtn’t to smoke so much. 你不应该抽这么多烟。2)表推测,暗含很大的可能,语气较弱。Han Mei ought to know his telephone number. 韩梅该知道他的电话号码。There’s a fine sunset it ought to be a fine day tomorrow. 今天有晚霞,明天应该是个好天。9. used to表示过去的习惯动作或状态,现在不复发生或存在。疑问式和否定式有两种。He used to live in the countryside but now he lives in the city.他过去住在乡下,现在住在城里。There used to be a building at the street corner but it has beenpulled down.街道拐角处过去有座楼房,现在拆了。I usedn’t didn’t use to smoke. 我过去不抽烟。Used you Did you use to go to school on foot 你过去常步行去学校吗?




Unit7-Unit12 想必前6单元都上完了,所以就上传后面的吧! 里面有很多正版答案里没有的。(作文仅供参考)



①Ⅰ. 1.make a fruit milk shake

2.put the strawberries into the blender

3.cut up two apples

4.pour the milk into the glass

5.peel three bananas

6.turn on the TV

Ⅱ. 1.(F)peel the bananas

2.(E)cut up the bananas

4.(D)pour the milk into the blender

5.(B)turn on the blender

6.(C)drink the milk shake

Ⅲ. E D A B F C

②Ⅰ. A.tomato watermelon teaspoon strawberry ingredient potato

B.salad cabbage onion fish chicken

C.beef tea milk mutton yogurt honey

Ⅱ. 1.How many tomatoes do they need to make the salad?

2.How much yogurt should you pour into the milk shake?

3.How often did johnson write to his pen pal last year?

4.How long are the Browns staying in Tokyo?

Ⅲ. make,idea,need,two,enough,watermelons,how much milk,else,four,honey,yogurt,teaspoons,cup of

③Ⅰ. joining,First,Next,Then,beef,After,Finally,minutes

Ⅱ. how,flour,butter,How much,mix,tomato sauce,sausage,beef,How long,before

Ⅲ. First,peel the fruit,cut the fruit into pieces,put,Finally

④Ⅰ. 1.butter 2.lettuce 3.relish 4.sandwich

Ⅱ. 7—2—4—8—6—5—3—1

Ⅲ. two chicken breasts,some salt,two eggs,some peanut oil,some lemon juice,some sugar

⑤Ⅰ. 1.peel,cut,up 2.How do you make 3.teaspoons,yogurt 4.Mix up

Ⅱ. 1.B 2.D 3.C 4.A



①Ⅰ. 1.got 2.went 3.cleaned 4.stopped 5.watched 6.bought 7.studied 8.were 9.was 10.ate 11.made 12.thought 13.talked 14.had 15.read

Ⅱ. 1.His sister went to the aquarium last Sunday

2.Did Tina take a taxi to the airport yesterday

3.They went to the beach with Mr Li last week

4.Where did she have the birthday party yesterday

Ⅲ. 1.D 2.F 3C .4.B 5.E 6.G 7.A

②Ⅰ. 1.Did Tina stay at home last night? No,she didn't.She met her friend outside.

2.Was there a heavy rain in Beijing yesterday afternoon? Yse,there was.

3.Did our team win the first prize last year? No,we didn’t.Their team won.

4.Did Sally wash the clothes this morning? Yes,she did.

Ⅱ. Yes,I did;What did they do;No,I didn't;there were;How was;I played tennis with my friend;sounds like

Ⅲ. 1.Did,buy 2.didn't take any 3.Did,do

③Ⅰ. 1.A 2.D 3.D 4.C

Ⅱ. Children's,took,had,watch,visited,seals,smart,photos,happy,end,surprise,as

④Ⅰ. 1.oring,Miss Li's last day off was boring.She cleaned the room on her last day off.

2.xciting,Kent's weekend was exciting.He went to the beach on weekend.

3.antastic,Mr Black's vacation was fantastic.He went for a drive with his family on vacation

Ⅱ. C F A D B G E

⑤Ⅰ. 1.Were 2.ate 3.win 4.first 5.met 6.drive 7.reading 8.else

Ⅱ. 1.A




①Ⅰ. 1.nineteen eighty-three

2.two thousand and five

3.March nineteen ninety-one

4.September the twenty-first,eighteen forty-six

Ⅱ. A—6—a,B—1—c,C—5—f,D—3—e,E—2—d,F—4—b

Ⅲ. Fu Mingxia;August 16th,1978;born in Wuhan,Hubei

②Ⅰ. 1.on 2.at 3./ 4.on 5.for 6.at

Ⅱ. 1.How long 2.How often 3.How many 4.How 5.How old 6.How much 7.How 8.How

Ⅲ. D B C E A

③Ⅰ. 1.performing,Beijing Opera

2.was born,movie,five


Ⅱ. 1.Mei Lanfang,he was eight years old

2.a movie star,perform in the movie of Bright Eyes

3.He is a great musician/pianist,When he was only three

④Ⅰ. 1.talented 2.creative 3.unusual 4.beautiful 5.famous 6.outstanding

Ⅱ. 1.C 2.B 3.A A.violinist;Where was he born B.loving;No,he isn't C.When;How much;sold

Ⅲ. 1.to watch→watching 2.live→alive 3.played→play 4.take part→take part in

⑤Ⅰ. 1.On February 12th,1809 2.He became president of the United States

3.In 1864 4.He was shot and died.

Ⅱ. One possible version:

Linda was born on January 20th,1993 in Ningbo,China.She went to the kindergarten in1996.When she was 6 years old,she went toa primary school.And she went to No.15 Middle School at the age of 12.In 2000,she started to learn the violin.



①Ⅰ. 1.basketball player 2.policewoman 3.engineer 4.runner 5.pilot 6.computer programmer 7.teacher 8.nurse

Ⅱ. 1.What are you going to be when you grow up

2.Where is David going to move

3.How are 4.grow up 5.finish high school and college 6.take acting lesson 7.be/become an engineer 8.a professional pilot

Ⅲ. 1.a professional baseball player

2.is going to study in a cooking school

3.is going to take acting lessons

4.computer programmers

5.is going to speak better English

6.is going to learn to play an instrument

③Ⅰ. 1.T 2.F 3.F 4.T

Ⅱ. One possible version:

Mame:Sonia What:A pilot. where:Beijing How:She is going to take flying lessons.

My best friend Sonia is going to be a pilot when she grows up.And she is going to take flying lessons.She likes Beijing very much.So shi is going to Beijing when she is a pilot.

④Ⅰ. 1.A 2.C 3.B,E 4.D

Ⅲ. One possible version:

1.We are going to plant more trees in our school.

2.We are going to keep our school clean.

3.We are going to draw some beautiful pictures and put them on the wall.

4.We are going to have more clubs.

⑤Ⅰ. 1.learn 2.made 3.are going to build 4.practicing 5.read 6.communicate

Ⅱ. Peter: Job:reporter Workplace:TV station Resolutions:read more,write articles and send them to newspapers

Alice: Job:musician Workplace:Band Resolutions:study in a music school



①Ⅰ. 1.E 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.A

Ⅱ. B A D C

Ⅲ. 1.Yes,sure.

2.Sorry,I have to/I'm going to do my hom



4.Sorry,I have to/I'm going to go to the dentist.

②Ⅰ. 1.P 2.R 3.P 4.R

Ⅱ. 1.have to clean your 2.does the laundry/washing 3.Could you (please) do 4.Could I invite

Ⅲ. Name:Sally Likes:folding clothes,making the bed,washing the car,cooking Dislikes:sweeping the floor,going shopping

Name:Kitty Likes:going shopping,washing the car Dislikes:sweeping the floor,folding clothes,making the bed

③Ⅰ. 1.Phrases that should be circled:do the cooking,do the dishes,take out the trash,make your bed and clean your bedroom,sweep the floor,cut the grass and water the plants,do the laundry,feed it and take it for a walk,go shopping

2.Person:Nancy Chores:do the cooking,sweep the floor,do the laundry,go shopping


⑤Ⅰ. 1.take the dog for a walk 2.go to the store 3.take out the trash 4.play computer games/surf the Internet 5.ride our bikes

Ⅱ. 1.friendly,beautiful,hard,open,next



















3.—What are you going to do this weekend? —I’d like _____my parents.

A.to visit B.visit C.visiting D. visit

4. —She has a headache.She can’t attend the meeting. —______.

A.It doesn’t matter B.It sounds wonderful C.I’m sorry to hear that D. really

5. —I’m sorry,I can’t go to the movies with you.—Oh,that’s too bad.Maybe _____ time

A.the other B.other C.another D. others

6.—Can you go to the science museum with me tomorrow?

—_______,but I have to study for my chemistry test.

A.I'd love to B.Never mind C.It’s nothing D. Yes, please

7.He ______ stay at home, because his mother was ill.

A. has to B. have to C. had D. had to


1.Chinese climbers carried the Olympic Flame to the top of the world’s highest

mountain______8th of May 2008.(2008,苏州)

A. on B. at C. in D. from

2. —-Ben, would you like to play football with us?

—- _____,but I have to wash the dishes first.(2008,重庆)

A. No, I can’t B. I don’t want to C. Yes, please. D. I’d love to.

3.Great changes have taken place in China, who can tell ______it wouldbelike in ______five


A. how;other B. what;more C. how;another D. What;another




1. Helen _______ than Kate.

A.is calmer B.is calm C.calm D.are calmer

2. Now telephones are very popular and they are much ______ than before.

A.cheap B.cheaper C.cheapest D.the cheapest

3. Which subject do you like ______, English or Chinese?

A.well B.better C.the best D.good

4. Let’s go by plane.It’s ______ than by train.

A.faster B.fastest C.slower D.slowest

5. Isabella and Maria _____ girls.

课 后

作业题 A.are all B.are both C.all are D.is both

6. ______ we can see, our country is more and more beautiful and stronger.

A.As B.Like C.If D.Since


1. I prefer skiing to climbing because I think climbing is ______skiing.

A. not as exciting as B. not more exciting as

C. not most exciting as D. more exciting than

2. Our family has bought a car so we can travel _____than before.

A. most easily B. less easily C. easily D. more easily

3._____ you study, _______grades you will get.

A. The hard, the good B.The harder, the better C. Harder , better D. The hard, the well


八年级 科目 英语 效能作业本



1. We spent_____ day_____ the problems.

A. the all; discuss B. the whole; discussing C. all the; with D. all the; to discuss

2. My father makes me_____ every morning.

A. exercise B. exercises C. to exercise D. on exercise

3. It’s important_____ me to have a new bike.

A. of B. for C. to D. on

4. I like to have a friend who_____ me.

A. like B. liking C. is like D. are like

课 后

作业题 5._____he is a little boy, he plays soccer very well. A.Because B.But C.Though D.For

6. Holly thinks there are_______ between ______countries.

A.different;difference B.difference;different

C. differences;different D. different;differences


1 .Stop ______so much noise! My father is sleeping.

A. to make B. making C to hear D. hearing

2.--What do you think Tina is like?--She used to be quiet,but she is quite _____now.

A. clever B. serious C. outgoing D. strict

3. Beijing,the capital of China,is one of _____cities in the world.

A. the biggest B. bigger C. much bigger D. big



1. 离……近

2. 在镇上

3. 到目前为止

4. 才艺表演
















1. 它是最大的。

2. 它有最大的屏幕。

3. 它在这附近最受欢迎。

4. 它离我们家最近。

5. 它需要最短的等待时间。

6. 它拥有最舒服的座位。

7. 你能最便宜的买到衣服。

8. 他们播放最无聊的歌曲。

9. 他们选曲子最认真。

































班级 姓名

一. 单项填空(10分)

( )1._______students watch TV three or four times a week. A. Most B .The most C .The some D . The all

( )2._____ TV too much isn't good ______ our eyes.

A. Watch; to B. Watching; for C. Watch; for D. Watching; to

( )3.---Does your mother wants you ____ milk every day? ---Yes, of course. She says it’s good. A. drink B. to drink C. drinking D. drinks ( )4. ---_____ do you eat junk food? ---About once a week.

A. How B. How many C. How long D. How often

( )5.---Do you think that you have a healthy habit?---Yes. I _______ my health.

A. look at B. look after C. look up D. look like

( )6.It's important to eat a ________diet. A. balanced B. balance C. balancing D. balances ( )7. —“My father has bought a new car.”

— “

— “It’s blue and beautiful.”

A. What do you like? B. What’s it like? C. How is it like? D. How do you think of it? ( )8. I'm________. I need to have a good rest. A. hungry B. tired C. thirsty D. stress out

( )9. -Miss Brown has a bad cold. She feels terrible. - ________.

A. Sorry to hear that. B. That’s a good idea. C. Is that so? D. I don’t think so.

( )10. He works very hard. Every night . he doesn't go to bed _____eleven o'clock.

A. after B. until C. since D. in 二、完形填空(10分)

Mrs. Brown, a rich woman, lived with Benny. She liked Benny very much. She made little coats for him and gave him the ____1____ food. Benny grew fatter every day. Mrs. Brown didn’t want to take him out for long walks because she ____2____ long walks herself, for she was also very fat. One day Benny became ill. He lay on the floor and would not eat anything. Mrs. Brown was very afraid, so she ___3__him to the doctor. As soon as the doctor saw Benny, he knew what had happened. “Will you leave your __4__ behind with me for two days?” he asked Mrs. Brown. “I am sure I will make him eat.” She __5__. When the woman had left, the doctor told his man to put Benny in a little room and give him only cold water.

Mrs. Brown came to the doctor’s house two days later. The doctor brought Benny to her. He looked like a __6__ dog. He jumped into Mrs. Brown’s arms. “Does he eat now?” the __7__ asked. Then the doctor gave some bread to Benny, “Bread!” cried Mrs. Brown. “Benny _8__ eats bread!” But before she finished speaking, Benny had eaten up the bread!

Mrs Brown __9____ the doctor. She paid some money to him, “What ____10____ did you use?” “Water only!” the doctor smiled.

( ) 1. A. best B. least C. worse D. bad ( ) 2. A. liked B. took C. preferred D. hated ( ) 3. A. caught B. gave C. took D. sent ( ) 4. A. son B. dog C. daughter D. husband ( ) 5. A. thought B. spoke C. said D. agreed ( ) 6. A. different B. same C. fat D. bad ( ) 7. A. girl B. boy C. woman D. man ( ) 8. A. always B. never C. often D. usually ( ) 9. A. saved B. laughed at C. caught D. thanked ( )1 0. A. food B. fruit C. medicine D. way 三、阅读理解(25 分。 第一篇每个1分,后面两篇每个2 分 )

( A )

Is it far from the house ?

When Mary was just seven, her family moved to a new city. She went to school by school bus. It was not near to her house. One morning, there was something wrong with the family’s clock. When they got up. It was too late for Mary to

catch the school bus. Her mother said she would drive Mary to school. On her way to the office.

“But how will you find the way, Mum?” Mary asked,“ you have only been to school once.” “Yes,” her mother answered , “but you been there by school bus several times(几次),you know the way.” “ Oh, yes,” said Mary.

They started out and Mary asked her mother to drive round most of the town before they got there. When they arrived, her mother saw that it was not really very far from their house.

“Why did you make me go such a long way? ”her mother asked her. “Well, Mum,” answered Mary,“I know only this way. The bus always goes like this, so the other children can take it to school.”

( )1 Mary was_________

A.seven years old B. nine years old

C. ten years old D. five years old

( )2 Mary usually went to school_________ A. on foot B. by bike

C. by school bus D. by her mother’s car ( )3 The school was_________ to her house. A. very far B. not very far

C. a long way D. very near

( )4 Why was Mary late to catch the school bus? A. Because she didn’t sleep well.

B. Because she couldn’t get up.

C. Because there’s something wrong with the clock. D. Because she didn’t want to go to school.

( )5 How many times have Mary’s mother been to school?

A. Only once B. three times C. Many times D. several times

( B )

Happiness is for everyone. You don’t need to care about those people who have beautiful houses with large gardens and swimming pools or those who have nice cars and a lot of money and so on. Why? Because those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads in their free time.

In fact, happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it. When you are in trouble at school, your friends will help you. When you study hard at your lessons, your parents are always taking good care of your life and your health. When you get success, your friends will say congratulations(祝贺) to you. When you do something wrong, people around you will help you to correct it. And when you do something good to others, you will feel happy, too. All these are your happiness. If you notice a bit of them, you can see that happiness is always around you.

Happiness is not the same as money. It is a feeling of your heart. When you are poor, you can also say you are very happy, because you have something else that can’t be bought with money. When you meet with difficulties, you can say loudly you are very happy, because you have more chances to challenge yourself. So you can not always say you are poor and you have bad luck . As the saying goes, life is like a revolving(旋转) door. When it closes, it also opens. If you takes every chance you get, you can be a happy and lucky person.

( A .happy B .lonely C .free D .excited ( )7. When you fall down in a PE class, both your teacher and your classmates will .

A. laugh at you B. play jokes on you

C .quarrel with you(吵架) D .help you up

( )8. What will your friend say to you when you get good grades?

A .Oh, so do I B. Congratulations C .Good luck D. It’s just so-so

( )9. Which idea is not right according to the passage? A. People who have cars would never like to walk in the open air.

B. You can get help from others when you make mistakes. C . You can still be a happy person even if you have little money.

D . Happiness is always around you though difficulties come towards you.

( )10. Which of the following is this passage about? A .Bad luck B. Good luck

C. Happiness D . Life

( C )

You want to know about my staying in America, right? Well, to tell you the truth,it is really an eye-opening experience(经历)to study here. In China, I had English classes five times a week since the fifth grade. However, I didn't know how different textbook English could be from everyday English until I came to Hotehkiss School, Connecticut. When I first studied English, I was told(被告诉)to say, “I am fine” when people say, “How are you?” But in the US, I found that people say, “I am good” or “I’m tired”.

One day, someone greeted(问候) me with “What's up?” It made me I thought for a moment and then smiled because I didn't know what to say. Since then, I have discovered(发现)more and more differences between Chinese and US cultures(文化). I was also surprised by how hardworking US students are. In China, schoolwork is almost everything, so we study hard and that's it. But here, a “good” student gets good grades, does a lot for the public and plays sports or music. The kids here are so talented(有才能). I am starting to be sorry that I stopped playing the piano at an early age and that I have never thought about sports.

( )11. According to the writer, textbook English is ______ everyday English.

A. quite different from B. the same as C. more difficult than D. easier than

( )12. What does the word “confused” in the paragraph mean in Chinese?

A. 困惑 B. 憧憬 C. 悲伤 D. 后悔 ( )13. What did the writer do when he was a little kid ? A. He ran every day B. He played the piano C. He often swam D. He usually played basketball. ( )14. A good US student spends his / her time ______. A. only in doing homework B. only on sports or music C.only in working for the public

D.on studies, sports or music and public work ( )15. Which is the best title for the passage?

A. My Own Travel in the US B. My Studying in the US C. My Opinion about the US D. My Friends in the US 四、词汇运用 ( 15 分 )

A . 根据所给的提示,写出空白处单词的正确形式。(每空只填一词,5分)

send west tooth babysit different 1. Alan wants to visit some countries. 2.Please brush your ________ before you go to sleep . 3. Jim is very kind, he enjoys

4.Don’t trouble him, he is some emails to his friends. 5. There are many between Chinese and English culture.

B. 阅读下面短文,然后根据括号内汉语意思写出单词的正确形式(每空一词)。10分

(相同)class, they (经常)go to school and go home together . However , they have different . On weekends, Ann likes to stay at home and watch TV , but Jenny always goes out

( 锻炼) . Ann eats junk food every day , (虽然)she knows it is bad for her. Jenny likes junk food ,too . But she only eats it (两次)a month , because she

thinks eating junk food can help her to keep

(健康) . She (几乎)ever takes the medicine . So it’s ( 重要 )for us to have a good lifestyle.. 五、 任务型阅读 (5分)

借鉴别人的学习秘诀, 是学习的捷径之一。请把下面的学习秘诀和例子对上号。请把学习秘诀的编号填入题后的括号里。

Secrets of top students

Example One: “If I don’t understand what my teacher is explaining in the science, I ask him to say it again,” says Anna

Lee. “also asking more helped a lot.” 1. _________

Example Two: “When a teacher asks us to do a lot of homework,”says Dave Roman “ I will draw up a timetable and

表示还是在家或在校学习------,为此老师召集大家,进行了热烈的讨论,请根据下表, 写一篇调查报告,70 词左右。(短文开头已给出,不计入总词数)

plan to do it little by little, so it isn’t so tiring.

2. _________

Example Three: One student put a vocabulary list on the wall of

the bathroom. He learned a new word every day while brushing

his teeth. Another student used the time to remember biology

terms while practicing running. 3.


Example Four: In high school, Mike played football, painted

and was in the band. “I was so busy that I couldn’t waste time looking for a pencil or missing paper. I kept everything in

order.” He says. 4. ________

Example Five: Christi is an excellent student at the university. If her math teacher asks her to do five problems, she does ten. If the history teacher asks her to read five pages, she reads ten. “Part of learning is practicing,” she says, “and the more you practice, the more you learn.”

5. _____________


( A )


2011年八年级上学期单元测试 U 1—3

Here are the results of the survey.

一. 单项填空

1—5 ABBDB 6—10 ABBAB 11—15 AACBB 二、完形填空

1.A 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. D 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. D 10. C


1-5A C B C A 6--10-5 BDBAC 11-15 BAADB 四、词汇运用

A .根据所给的提示,写出空白处单词的正确形式。 1.Western 2. teeth 3. babysitting 4. sending 5. differences.

B. 阅读下面短文,然后根据括号内的汉语意思写出单词的正确形式(每空一词)。

1. same 2. often 3. habits 4. exercise 5.Though

6. twice 7. less 8. healthy 9 . hardly 10. important 五、 任务型阅读 D B C A E 六、书面表达 A.

1. heavy 2. eat less junk food / not eat junk food / eat healthy food------ 3. a toothache 4, stomache 5. exercise, / play sports ----- B.

Here are the results of the survey. Many students hope

to have a long vacation again .They think they can visit many interesting places, they can also visit friends , they watch movies , go fishing / boating--- .They are going to have a good time . But a few students don’t think so . They think there are too many people and they are too tired. They would like to stay

at home or school ,they are relaxing at home , they are watching TV ,they are learning more at school during the vacation .

I think we need to have a long vacation , we are going camping or fishing , We can visit our friends -------.



班级 姓名 一、单项选择。

( )1. ________people in China speak Chinese. A. No B. Many C. Most D. All

( )2. He sometimes ________English songs on Sundays.

A. will translate B. translates C. is translating D. translate

( )3. ________ too much TV isn't good ______ our eyes.

A. Watch; to B. Watching; for C. Watch; for D. Watching; to

( )4. ---______ __does it take to get to Beijing?

---Nine hours.

A. How often B. How soon C. How much D. How long

( )5. My sister still wants to go to school ________she is ill.

A. although B. for C. but D. and

( )6.You________see the dentist when you have a toothache.

A. may B. need C. should D. can

( )7. I'm________. I need to have a good rest.

A. hungry B. tired C. thirsty D. stressed out

( )8. ________is important to eat a balanced diet.

A. That B. This C. One D. It

( )9. I feel very ________what he said.

A. angry to B. angrily at C. angry at D. angrily with

( )10. He works very hard. Every night he doesn't go to bed ________eleven o'clock.

A. after B. until C. since D. in

( )11. Smoking ________your health.

A. is good for B. is bad for

C. is good to D. is bad to ( )12. Li Lei likes ________a red hat. A. putting on B. to put on C. wearing D. wears

( )13. I do homework every day, usually when I come ________home ________school. A. to, from B. at, for C. /, from D. from, to

( )14. I usually start ________my English homework in the evening.

A. to B. from C. with D. for

( )15. He looks happy today because he feels ______now.

A. more better B. much well C. more well D. much better ( )16. I have to take the medicine _____. A. every five hours B. for five hours C. every five-hour D. for five-hour ( )17. The fish smells________.

A. well B. nice C. deliciously D. nicer ( )18. Can you call me when you ________home?

A. get back to B. get to back C. get back D. get to

( )19. They're going to play football________. A. tomorrow two o'clock B. in Sunday evening C. in next week D. next Sunday

( )20. How about ________with us to the museum?

A. come B. comes C. came D. coming 二、各单元基础练习

U1 (一)用所给词的适当形式填空 1. Lucy often goes ________(skate).

2. There is __________(hard) any rain these days, so the weather is very dry.

3. He is good at all subjects because he has a good studying _______(habit).

4. What do children do on ________(weekend)? 5. This movie is very ______(interest).

6. You should look after your ________(healthy). 7. I__________(hard) ever see him now.

8. What’s the __________(different) between the words?

9. If you eat too much junk food, you will be _________(healthy)

10. Bob watches TV __________(two times) a week.


(二) 动词的适当形式填空

1. My cousin __________( come) to my house last week. 2. How often ______ your brother _________(exercise)?

3. He usually _______(surf) the Internet.

4. My family usually _______(watch) TV after dinner. 5. Her friend enjoys _________(do) morning exercises every day.

6. It’s easy ____________(keep ) healthy.

7. My mom wants me _____________(drink) milk every day.

8. She likes junk food, but she _______(try) to eat it only once two weeks.

9. I went __________(shop) with my mother for my grandparents last weekend.

10. Let me help you ________(open)the window. (三)完成句子


1. 你爸爸每隔多久打一次网球?

_______ _______ _________ your father play tennis? 2. 琳达每月看一次电影。

Linda goes to the movies ______ _______ ________. 3. 晚上我爷爷几乎不吃面条。

My grandfather ___________ _________ eats noodles in the evening.

4. 这是育才学校学生活动的调查结果。

Here _________ ________ _________ ________ the student activity survey at Yu Cai middle school. 多运动有助于我们保持健康。

5. Lots of exercise ______ ______ ______ our health. 6. 至于作业,大部分同学每周做三到四次。

_______ _______homework, ______students do homework three ______ four ________ a week. U2 (一) 词形转换 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. The man’s _________(foot) are very big. It’s hard for him to buy shoes.

2. It’s easy to stay ___________(health).

3. I had a lot of ___________(headache) these days, so I should stay at home.

4. It’s important to have a __________(balance) diet. 5. You shouldn’t eat ________(something) before you


see the doctor.

6. Something is wrong with one of my _______(tooth).

7. The boy is doing math ________(exercise) now. 8. “Children, don’t talk in class! ”, the teacher said ________(angry).

9. Jane speaks English well, so she is ________(activity) in English class.

10. New Year’s Day is very important in some ______(west) countries.

(二) 动词的适当形式填空 1. I am not ______(feel) well.

2. He needs _______(do) some conversation practice. 3. Nancy enjoyed _______(listen) to music.

4. My daughter is ill. Maybe she should ______(take) some medicine.

5. Those old people exercise every day ________(stay) healthy.

6. I don’t think it is easy ____________(have ) a healthy lifestyle.

7. Sometimes my grandfather ________(get) tired. 8. Everybody _______(need) to keep healthy.

9. I try ________(not eat) too much junk food, although I like it.

10. I don’t think my French is _________(improve.) (三) 完成句子


1. 这个孩子的牙齿不好,他经常牙疼。

The child’s ______ aren’t good. He often _______ ______ _________.

2. 你感冒了,应该躺下来休息。

You _______ ______ ________. You should _________ _______ and _____. 3. 我想他应该去看医生.

I think he _______ _______ a dentist. 4. 学生每天必须睡够八小时。

_______ necessary for students ______ sleep eight hours every night.

5. 妈妈说我晚饭应该尝试少吃肉。

My mom said I should ______ ______ eat less meat for dinner.

6. 如果你喉咙痛,你应该多喝蜜茶。

If you have a sore throat, you should ________ hot tea

_______ honey.

7. 如果你想保持健康,必须进行足够的锻炼。 If you want _________ _______ healthy, you should take enough exercise. U3 (一)词形变化

1. Why not go _________(boat) on the river with me? 2. The children like _______( swim) in the lake.

3. Do you enjoy _______(teach) English in our class, Mr. Green?

4. Are you ______(go)______(hike) this Sunday? 5. Lucy is going camping on the _______(twelve).

6. She ______(take) a photo of her baby last weekend. 7. Are you ______(babysit) your little sister this Sunday?

8. Lots of ______(visit) come to the city at this time of year.

9. Will you please show all your ______(photo) to me?

10. That sounds ______(interest). (二)动词填空

1. I _____________(babysit) my sister this evening. 2. Tom ___________(visit) his cousins tomorrow afternoon.

3. You want to go to Canada for vacation. When ______you _____(go)?

4. Why not go _______(boat) on the river with me ? 5. We often _______(help) Granny Li ______(do) the housework.

6. China is a good place ________(go) sightseeing. 7. We plan __________(visit) Tibet next year. 8. How about _______(stay) at home this evening? 9. After I finished _______(go) shopping, I cooked at home.

10. He ______(take) a vacation in Hainan last winter. (三)翻译句子

1. 当我们回到学校的时候给我看你的照片。

____ me your photos when we _____ _____ ______ school.

2. 那里怎么样? What is it ______there? 3. 那里天气怎么样? ______ the weather there? 4. 他考虑了去希腊和西班牙,但是决定在加拿大。 He _____ ______ _______ to Greece or Spain , but decided ______Canada. (四)句型转换 (对划线部分提问)

______ _______ are the tourists going to stay in Beijing?


______ _______ they getting back to the farm? 3. Mike is going to Hawaii on August 3rd. (改为一般疑问句)

______ Mike_______ to Hawaii on August 3rd? 对划线部分提问)

______ Dave_______ this weekend?


I hope you will______ ______ there. 三. 完形填空。

Mary has an interesting hobby. She collects stamps. She has a lot of stamps. She 1______ stamps with pictures of animals and birds on them. In

collecting these, she 2______ the names of animals and birds. She also borrows 3______on animals and birds from the library. She learns many things 4______them from these.

Sometimes, Mary has many stamps of the 5______kind. She gives them to her friends. They then give her other stamps 6______.

Mary 7______to her friends in different countries. She sends them stamps of her country. In return, they send her stamps of their countries. Mary's father 8______gives her stamps. He brings 9______home from his office for her.

Many of Mary's friends collect other things.

Some collect coins and 10______ collect matchboxes. But, all of them say that Mary's collection is the most interesting of all.

( )1. A. likes B. borrows

C. brings D. sells

( )2. A. sees B. learns

C. understands D. spells

( )3. A. films B. pictures

C. stamps D. books

( )4. A. at B. on

C. about D. like


( )5. A. different B. nice

C. dear D. same

( )6. A. in return B. in time

C. instead D. soon

( )7. A. writes B. listens

C. shouts D. says

( )8. A. then B. also

C. will D. quickly

( ) 9. A. it B. them

C. one D. those

( ) 10. A. they B. people

C. others D. any


Mr King lives in a city. He owns some shops and makes a lot of money. His son, Mike, studies at a middle school. The boy likes everything but studying. He doesn't listen to his teachers in class and he never finishes his homework on time. He always plays football when he has any free time. He can never pass the exams.

Mr King is so busy with his business that he has little time to stay at home. He never pays any attention(关心) to his son's studies, so he doesn't know how he is doing.

One day Miss Read, Mike's teacher, telephones Mr King. On the telephone she tells him all about the boy's studies. She wants him to try to help his son at home. When the man hears this, he doesn't feel very happy.

In the afternoon when his son comes back from school, Mr King gives him a good telling off(责备), but soon feels sorry for it when he sees Mike crying in the bedroom. The next morning, before Mike goes to school, he says to him, "Study hard and I'll buy you a car when you pass the exam next year."

Another term is over. Mike doesn't pass the exam once more. Mr King has a look at the school report for a few minutes and then he asks his son, "You don't pass the exam again, Mike. What did you do this term?"

"I learned how to drive a car, dad." answers the boy. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。 1. Mr King is ________.

A. a football player B. a teacher


C. a driver D. a businessman(商人) 2. Mike can never pass the exams because ________. A. his father has a lot of money B. he doesn't like studying

C. his teachers are not very good

D. he has to help his father in the shops 3. Miss Read rings Mr King________.

A. to tell him to take his son out of school B. to buy things from his shop C. to tell him about Mike's studies

D. because his son passes the exam once again 4. In the sentence "..., but soon feels sorry for it when he sees Mike crying in the bedroom.", the word "it" refers to (指) ________.

A. Mike's exam mark (分数) B. telling his son off

C. something that Miss Read tells Mr King D. the car

5. Which of the following is wrong?

A. Mike doesn't pass the exam at the end of the term.

B. Mike's father buys him a car.

C. Mike doesn't do well in his lessons for another term.

D. Mike thinks his father will buy him a car. 五、书面表达。



要求:1. 条理清楚,语意连贯、通顺,标点正确;

2. 要将提示内容全部体现在文章中; 3. 不少于50个词。

to have, gets, needs, not

I. 1-5 CBBDA 6-10 CBDCB to see, improving II. 1. B. 对......有好处或坏处应该是be good/bad 翻译: 1. teeth, has a toothache

2. have a cold, lie down, rest for...。

3. should see 2. C. 表示状态应该用wear,不用put on。

4. It’s , to 3. C. home 经常用作副词,前边不用加介词;

5. try to 而school则是名词,前边应加介词。

6. drink, with 4. C. start...with是固定搭配。

7. to keep 5. D. much 可以用来修饰比较级。

6. A. 表示"每五个小时一次"用"every five hours"。

7. B. smell在这里是系动词,形容词nice可以三、 1. boating 2. swimming

3. teaching 作它的表语。

4. going, hiking 5. twelfth 8. C. 因为home是副词,所以get back后不用

6. took 再加介词。

7. babysitting 8. visitors 9. D. 根据句意可知应该是将来时间,只有D

9. photos 项形式正确。

10. interesting 10. D. how about 后跟动词时应该用它的动名词

形式。 四、1. am babysitting 2. is visiting

3. are going 4. boating

5. help, do 6. to go

7. to visit 8. staying 词性转换:skating, hardly, habit,

weekends, interesting 9. going 10. took health, hardly, difference, 五、1. Show get back to unhealthy, twice 2. like

3. What’s 动词: came, does exercise, surfs,

watch, doing 4. thought about going to keep, to drink, tries, 5. on shopping, open 六、1.How long 2. When are

3. Is going 翻译:1. How often does

2. once a month 4. What’s doing 3. hardly ever 5. enjoy yourself 4. are the results of V. 1-5 ABDCD 6-10 AABBC 5. is good for 1-5 DBCBB 6. as for, most, or, times

词性转换: feet, healthy, headaches, balanced, anything

teeth, exercise, angrily, active, western

动词: feeling, to do, listening, take, to stay







四、 was doing is was doing to leave natural easily importance

五、grew into to make for the first time are in danger encourages us to help will catch the school bus at the beginning are good at take away

六、you will what is How long How can by plane

七、She started to eat bamboo shoots and leaves

Less and less space

Too much traffic

how to make a home page

weighed 35 kilograms

八、natural wetlands provides ideal comfortably

九、China 13 basketball film fruit



二. 单项选择。(20分)

1-5 BDAAD 6-10 CDDAB 11-15 BBCAD 16-20 ABACC

二. 交际英语。(5分)

21-25 BCDEA

三. 完形填空。(10分)

26-30 C B A CA 31-35 C B D A D

四. 阅读理解。(每空2分,共30分)、

(A )36-40 BBBCC (B) 41-45 CABDB (C). 46-50 BCCDD

五. 词汇。

A) 51. government 52. disasters 53. importance 54. encourages

55. height 56. screamed 57. directions 58. arrival

59. covers 60. unnecessary

B) 61. killing 62. foggy 63. trapped 64. alive

65. carelessly 66.tourists 67. endangered 68. playing

69. was mopping 70. to build

C) 71. crashed into 72. in fear 73. provide for 74. at birth

75. calmed down

六. 任务型阅读。(5分)

76.No, it isn't. 77. Yes, they are. 78. Because they can hear things and

feel things.

79. No, it can't. 80. Its legs.

七. 补全短文。(10分)

81. watching 82. activities 83. smaller 84. happening 85 away

86. see 87. listening 88. easily 89. eyes/eyesight

90. ideas/information







16-20BACCC 21-25ACBBD 26-30CCCAB


31-35ACDDB 36-40DBCCB 41-45BCABC




1. I hope to share my success my family and get support them.

A. with; of B. to; from C. with; from D. to; of

2. --- Oh, I have forgotten to bring some drinks!

--- Never mind, you can have .

A. some of us B. much of him C. any of yours D. some of ours

3. In our exam, the careful we are, the mistakes we'll make.

A. more; fewer B. more; less C. less; fewer D. more; more

4. Mr Jack feels from time to time because he has friends here.

A. alone; a few B. alone; few C. lonely; few D. lonely; a few

5. --- How long have you this new MP3?

--- For three weeks. I it in XingHua Supermarket.

A. had; bought B. bought; bought C. had; had D. bought; had

6. There is no difference between the twin sisters in height.

A. instead B. besides C. without D. except

7. --- A latest magazine, please.

--- Only one left. Would you like to have ?

A. it B. one C. this D. that

8. --- I fell down from the tree. I think my leg is broken.

--- Oh! I .

A. hope not so B. do not hope C. hope not D. hope not so

9. There a small lake on the side of the mountain, didn't there?

A. would be B. would have C. used to have D. used to be

10. --- The jacket looks very nice. I'll take it.

--- But you'd better first. I think it's a little large for you.

A. pay for it B. put it on C. try it on D. put it off

11. I wonder they finished so many different jobs in such a short time.

A. how B. why C. when D. where

12. --- How about the book you are reading?

--- Good indeed. It many problems we have come across in our study.

A. says B. talks C. reports D. covers

13. --- Who that piano?

--- My sister, when she time.

A. plays, has B. is playing, has C. is playing, has had D. plays, is having

14. --- I was told to be here before 6 a. m.

--- Oh. you . I'm sorry for you that we've changed the plan.

A. can't; not tell B. needn't; not telling C. can't; not to tell D. needn't; not tell

15. It is useful dictionary. I borrowed it from teacher.

A. an; a B. a; an C. a; the D. an. the

16. --- Mum, have you seen my watch?

--- your uncle bought for you? I'm sorry I haven't seen .

A. One; it B. One; one C. The one; it D. The one; one

17. --- Which is more important, Chinese or English?

--- I think Chinese is English. I like both of them.

A. more important than B. as important as

C. not so important as D. less important than

18. The book Animal Farm is for the five-year-old children understand.

A. too difficult; to B. difficult enough; to

C. very difficult: that D. so difficult- that

19. --- I lost my earphones on my way to school this morning.

--- ! You must be careful next time.

A. What a pity B. I'm sorry C. Take care D. I'm afraid not

20. This supermarket has been since two years ago.

A. to open B. open C. opening D. opened


1. As a student, we should be (activity) when helping people to protect wild animals.

2. I think your answer to the math problem is (correct). You should work it out in another way.

3. He was worried about the safety of those mountain (climb) in this sudden bad weather.

4. The two words are spelled (difference), but they have the same meaning.

5. In my class, my home is the (far) from our school.

6. If you throw rubbish everywhere in the park, you will be (welcome).

7. Now, most schools in our country are (mix) schools.

8. The more sports you do, the (healthy) you will be.

9. Xiao Shenyang has many ways to make his performances (excite).

10. Look! How (angry) John is looking at his son!

11. I can't believe that Mrs Wang's seven-year-old daughter can make a home page (she).

12. I don't know why I can't see as (clear) as I used to be.

13. She looks much (health) than before because she takes exercise every day.

14. This kind of computer is (wide) used in our country.

15. Many (travel) come to visit the Great Wall every year.

16. Is your cousin one of the best fashion (design) in the city?

17. Don't smoke, please. It's (harm) to your health.

18. It is a (use) CD, so I have never used it on the computer.

19. Tom and Mary got (marry) in 2002 and they have lived happily since then.

20. The computer is becoming more popular and is used often in our (day) life.


1. She was (倒霉) to catch a cold on the first day of her holiday.

2. He is such a (不诚实的) person that no one likes to talk with him.

3. Thank you for (借给) me your dictionary. I will return it to you tomorrow.

4. Jim is a top student in our class and he (很少) makes mistakes in tests.

5. Our teacher always thinks of good ways to make his classes (活泼).

6. What kind of (感受) do you have when you are praised?

7. (数百万) of animals die every year because of the environment pollution.

8. Our teacher always (带着) a smile on her face when she gives us a lesson.

9. Thank you for helping look after my house when I was (离开).

10. From the (八) floor of the hotel you can have a good view o~ the town.

11. When he walked (经过) my desk, he knocked over my books.

12. The summer trip is such an exciting (经历) that I will never forget it.

13. Some cold-blooded animals can sleep (整个) the winter.

14. How long haven't you (接收) the letters from your son?

15. John's father wants to buy some (教育) books.

16. The main (人物) of this game is Itchy Feet.

17. Though you finished the work on time, you did it (错误).

18. The army(军队) has (控制) the area.

19. My daughter will ring me up as soon as she (到达) New York.

20. Where is the (文化) centre of Hong Kong?

21. I often listen to music to (放松) myself.

22. Premier Wen Jiabao's words caused great (激动) in the farmers.

23. Excuse me, how long can I (借) the book?


1. We are often told (not play) computer games all day.

2. We are thinking about what we can do (keep) animals from being killed.

3. --- I saw Jane and her boyfriend in the park at eight yesterday evening.

--- Impossible. She (chat) with me at my home then.

4. --- What's your plan for the coming holiday?

--- I (go) Joyland by bike with my classmates.

5. --- Your watch looks very beautiful.

--- Thank you. But my uncle (send) me as a birthday present.

6. --- What should I do, doctor?

--- (keep) fit, you should take more exercise.

7. --- What a day! It's raining again. We can't go hiking tomorrow.

--- Don't worry. It (not last) long.

8. I'm sorry I missed your lecture yesterday, but I (be) busy recently.

9. He won't get there on time if he (not leave) earlier.

10. Mr. White gave Lucy a gift, but she (not take) it.

11. Will (drink) a glass of water before every meal help me lose weight?

12. The students were all tired, but none of them stopped (have) a rest.

13. --- What do you think of my plan?

--- Sorry. What's that? I (listen) to the songs.

14. The programs are used (create) a file.

15. If he (get) there tomorrow, I (meet) him.

16. The printer (use) to print words and pictures onto paper.

17. Do you mind (tell) me how to use the e-dictionary?

18. We (show) how to deal with dirty water last Monday.

19. Do you know this program can also let you (do) some exercise?

20. If the window (break), you'll have to pay for it.

21. When the boy was found, he (tie) the books in the classroom.

22. The settings (check) a moment ago.

23. I don't want to see the film because I (see) it.

24. We play this educational game (learn) English vocabulary.

25. When they finished the performance, all of us (clap) happily.


1. 这本书涉及三大话题,包括旅游和购物。

This book .

2. 你介意教我如何使用这个电脑吗?

Do you mind

3. 在英语课上我们不讲中文。


4. 看!这个男孩子正在网上查找信息。

Look! The boy

5. 这篇文章是我叔叔去年写的。

The article

6. 我们中没有一个人害怕困难。

7. 每次听到这段音乐,我就会想起它。

Every time

8. 这是一个八米宽的会议室。

This is

9. 我爷爷去世十多年了。

My grandpa

10. 全世界都教英语。


11. 你以前曾出国旅行过吗?

12. 自从2008年以来汤姆就加入了这个俱乐部。


13. 那本有关科学的书还没出版。

in our English class. last year. difficulties. . . . . before? . . ? .

14. 你能向我们描述那次成功的经历吗?

Can you ?

六、作文 根据所给要点提示,用英语写一篇短文,词数在80词左右,短文的开头已给出,不计人总词数。


The students of Class Three, Grade Eight have a discussion about


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资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

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资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

(www.wenku1.com)资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/




Ⅰ.语言知识运用(本大题含 20 个小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白出的正确选项,并将其字母标号填入题前的括号内。1. The video arcade is________ from the supermarket. A. next B. across C. through D. near2. Larry is very lazy. He usually sleeps and _________ 20 hours every day. A. jumps B. relaxes C. runs D. stands3. –Mom may I watch TV now –Sure but you _________ finish your homework first. A. can B. may C. have to D. would like to4. –What _________ do you like best –Volleyball. A. food B. sport C. music D. work5. ________ are you going to buy so many flowers for A. What B. Where C. How D. Why6. –Would you like to have dinner with us this evening –__________. A. Yes I’d love to.

B. Yes please. C. Thanks a lot. I’d love to. D. I don’ t want to go.7. –We are going to the zoo to see a dolphin show. Why don’t you go with us –I have to do many things. I’m

___________ you see. A. free B. ill C. sorry D. busy8. Alice can’t hear very well. There is ___________ with her eyes. A. anything wrong B. everything wrong C. something wrong D.

nothing wrong9. Your bike is broken. You’d better ___________ a new one. A. to buy B. buy C. sell D. to sell10. The cake tastes delicious. I want __________ one. A. other B. the other C. another D. others11. The deer are hungry. I have to _________ now. A. buy something to drink B. feed them C. watch them D. sell them12. Don’t make so much _________. The baby is sleeping.

A. things B. noise C. mistakes D. voice13. The soup tastes very nice. Peter wants to eat it with the ___________. A. fork B. spoon C. chopsticks D. knife14. I like some _________ for example fold the clothes and sweep the floor. A. diets B. chores

C. subjects D. sports15. –Would you mind _________ your voice __________ --No not at all. A. keeping down B. turning down C. keeping up D. putting out16. –Would you please _________ this old lady --Sure. Have my seat please. A. give a room to B. have rooms with C. make room for D. make a room for17. –Dear don’t put your photos everywhere in your room. --Sorry Mum. I will put them in my ___________ at once. A. photo album B. CD cassette

C. bag D. bookcase18. –I’m hungry now. But there isn’t any bread in the fridge. --Why not have a pizza___________. A. too

B. else C. instead D. instead of19. Kate’s never been to China before __________ A. isn’t she B. is she C. hasn’t she D. has she20. Do you __________ a lot of time on your English study

every day A. take B. spend C. cost D. payⅡ.完型填空(本大题含 10 个小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从每小题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个正确的选项,并将其字母标号填入题前的括号内。 It was a cold

Christmas Eve. A girl was 21_______ matches火柴 in the street. She came to abeautiful house and 22______ at the door. A man came out. The girl asked him to buy some23_______. But he said he didn’t want any. The girl left the house sat down at the corner of thehouse 24_______ cold tired and hungry. Suddenly she felt she was becoming 25 .And slowly she began to 26_____ into the sky.She flew higher and higher at last she found herself above the clouds. Many people came to27____ her. At the head of them was her granny. The girl told her that she had to get money28_____ her parents were badly ill. Granny told the girl not to worry and gave her many beautifulclothes and

delicious food. The girl smiled happily. It was snowing 29_____ . The next morning someone found the girl sitting there with a smileon her 30____. But she couldn’t stand any more. 21. A. selling B. making C. watching D. buying 22. A. opened B. closed

C. knocked D. laughed 23. A. apples B. flowers C. clothes D. matches 24. A. looked B. felt C. had D. cried 25. A. heavy B. short C. light D. small 26. A. fly B. run C. walk D. look 27.

A. teach B. ask C. tell D. meet 28. A. if B. because C. before

D. until 29. A. hardly B. beautifully C. heavily D. happily 30.

A. face B. nose C. head D. eyesⅢ. 阅读理解(本大题含三篇短文,15 个小题。每小题 2 分,共 30 分) 阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容,从每小题所列选项中选出一个正确答案,将其字母代码填入提前括号内。 A People are so busy these days that many people have no time to cook. This becomes aproblem because most families love home cooking. The food tastes good and warm and a familymeal brings everyone together. In some families meals are often the only times everyone sees oneanother at the same time. Another reason people enjoy home cooking is that it is often a way of showing love. A parentwho makes some cookies is not just satisfying a child’s sweet tooth. She or he is sending amessage. The messages says “I care about you enough to spend an hour making cookies that youwill eat up in 15 minutes if I let you.” There is also something about the smell of home cooking. The smell of home cooking pleasepeople of all ages. It makes most of us feel good and loved------even if we are the ones doing thecooking. “Next time you smell a cake making stop for a moment and pay attention to yourmood心情。 ”( )31. Why do fewer people cook now ___________. A. They like to eat in restaurants B. Many people are too busy C. Many people don’t

like cooking D. They don’t like family meals 32. A parent spends an hour making cookies___________. A. just to satisfy her or his child’s sweet tooth B. only to send a message C. to let a child eat up in 15 minutes D. often to show her or his love 33. The writer thinks the smell of home cooking___________.

A. makes us be interested in cooking B. makes us happy C. makes us pay attention to our mood D. makes us love others 34. What does the underlined word “satisfying” mean here A. 令人生气 B. 使人满意 C. 填满 D. 修补 35. What’s the main idea of the passage A. Homemade cookies taste better B. How to make cookies C. Family meals are important D. People are too busy to work B ENGLISH COACHING PAPER March 3 1996 The biggest shopping center will open on March 6. Everybody with today’s ENGLISH COACHING PAPER will get a small a small present that day. You are welcome. Telephone: 3899068 No 6 Tonghua Road ENGLISH NEWS PAPER March 19 English news Paper needs a foreign editor编辑. He or she must have worked in China for more than 2 years. British nationality is necessary. The wage工资 are $100000 a year. The term is 3 years. In ten days this piece of ad will be useless. Telephone: 3890666 Address: No.6 Xinling Road CHINA FOODBALL February 3 1996. Shanghai Shenhua Team VS Beijing Guo’an team. TIME: February 8 Sunday 3:00 PLACE:

Hongkou Stadium NAME: China Cup Football Match COACHES: Xu genbao Jin Zhiyang 36. If the reader have an English Coaching Paper of March 31996 he will get a small present ____________.

A. every day B. from English Coaching Paper C. on March 191990

D. on February 31996 37. If a British editor has worked in China for three years comes to English News Paper office to ask for the job on time he will probably _________. A. get the job B. not get the job C. be a good editor D. be useless 38. Where and when will the football match be A. In Guo’an on February 8 B. In Hongkou Stadium on February 3 C. In Hongkou Stadium on Sunday

D. In Shenhua Stadium on February 8 39. If three adults and six students want to watch the football match the tickets will cost RMB ___________ yuan. A. 195 B. 135 C. 225 D. 165 40. Which of the following is wrong A. In ten days the second piece of ad will be useless. B. The telephone number of English News Paper is 3890666 C. The match is between Beijing Team and Guo’an Team.

D. Xu Genbao is a coach.

C 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容,判断短文后所给句子的正误,在正确的题前括号里填写T在错误的题前括号里填写 F。 Two friends were walking through the desert. They had an argument the firstfriend slapped 一记耳光 the other in the face. The other

friend was hurt but onlywrote in the sand: “Today my best friend slapped me in the face.” They kept walking until found a lake. They decided to cool off and swim. Theother friend started going down in the lake but his friend saved him. After he cameback to life he wrote on a stone: “Today my best friend saved me.” The friendwho slapped and saved his friend asked him: “After I hurt you you wrote in thesand and now you wrote on the stone. Why” The other friend answered: “Whensomeone hurts us we should write down in sand when the winds of time andforgiveness宽恕 can blow it. But when someone does

something good for us we mustwrite it on the stone. No wind can blow it away.” 41. The two friends were walking in the desert.

42. They were going to cool and swim in the lake. 43. The other friend wrote sentences on the stone. 44. The wind can blow the words in the sand. 45. In fact they were real friends.

Ⅳ.完成句子(本大题由 AB 两步分组成,含 10 个小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) (5A. 根据句意及首字母提示,补全句中所缺单词。 分)46.My sister often gives me some s_____________ about studying English.47. The exam is coming. I become

n_____________.48. In our school there are three f____________ teachers. They all come from England.49. Everyone in our class

went to Kim’s party e___________ me.50. My hobby is

c____________ old coins. (5B. 用所给词的正确形式填空。 分)

51. Today is my ___________twelve birthday.52. There

___________________be a class meeting next Monday.53. Would you mind not ______________talk in class?54. Several

______________mouse are running around my bedroom.55. The more sports you do the _____________health you are.

Ⅴ.动词填空(本大题含 5 个小题,每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容,用所给动词的正确形式填空。 Last Sunday morning Tony 56.____________go to the shop with his parents. Tony57.___________be the only child in the family. His parents loved him very much.They wanted to buy some fruit and a shirt for their son. When they left the shopTony said to his mother: “Mom can you 58.____________give me a red T-shirt againMy classmate Diana 59.__________have no parents now. She doesn’t have new clothes.“All right” his mother said “I

60.______________buy one for her.”

Ⅵ.补全对话(本大题含 5 个小题,每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 在下面对话的空白处,填入适当的短语或句子,使对话意思完整通顺。A: You look sad. 61.__________________________________B: My

clothes are out of style.A: Maybe you could buy some new clothes.B: Yes but I don’t

62.______________________________________.A: Oh maybe you could get a part-time job in the evening.B:

No63._________________________. My parents want me to stay at home every night. I argued with them about it.A: You shouldn’t

64.______________________ your parents. You should talk about your problems.B: And guess what else is wrongA:

65._____________________________B: My sisters plays her CDs too loud. I can’t go to sleep.

Ⅶ.书面表达(15 分)根据英文提示,以“怎样学好英语”为题写一段小文章。要求不少于 50 词,内容必须包括英文提示中的要点。Be interested in English listen to the teacher carefully practise speaking Englishboth in class and after class keep diaries in English learn some English songsby heart