八年级上Module 5 Unit 2 It describes the changes in Chinese society Ⅰ. 根据汉语或首字母提示完成句子:

1. He wrote many plays , _______ (小说)and short stories.

2. Lao She was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth c _______.

3. At the age of twenty- six , the girl _______ (结婚)a man with lots of money.

4. A lot of people enjoy Liu Qian ' s _______ ( 魔术的)shows. 5. Lao She was a famous writer , but he was also a _______ ( 普通的)person.

6. Can you _______ ( 描述)your lost car?

7.The famous writer will come . Let' s give him a warm w_______ .

8. Lao She was b _______ in Beijing in 1899.

9. Lao She was n_______ a “ People ' s Artist ” and “ Great Master of Language ”. Ⅱ.用括号内单词的适当形式填空。

1. Lao She _______ (write) Teahouse in 1957 .

2. The play _______ ( show ) the audience (观众)life in China between 1898 and 1945.

3. His parents _______ ( send) him to school in Beijing in 1998.

4. After ________ (wash ) her hands , the girl began to have breakfast.

5. At the ________ (begin ) of the meeting , they sang a song together.

6. Do you know the boy _______ (name ) Jim.

Ⅲ. 单项选择:

1. Try _______ late for school again , please.

A. to be B. don' t be C. not to be D.to be not 2. Can you show us _____ a bike ?

A. how to mend B. what to buy C. where to go D. how many to buy 3. With the help of the teacher , he decided_______in class .

A . not to talk B.to not talk C. talk D. not to talking

4. Does she need _______ warm clothes ?

A. wear B.wearing C. to wear D. wears

5. You look tired. Why ________ and have a rest ?

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A . not to stop B. not stop C.don' t stop D.not you stop

6.【湖南湘潭】It is polite ______ a gift when you visit somebody for the first time ?

A. take B. taking C. to taking

7. We plan _____ the novels written by Mo Yan .

A. read B. to read C. reads

8. 【四川德阳】The final exam is coming. Our teachers tell us ______ time .

A. not to waste B. not waste C. don' t waste

Ⅳ. 根据短文意思及所给首写字母填入所缺的单词,使短文完整。(10分)


For 77-year-old Yuan Longping, money is a burden (负担生产) enough rice for everyone.

“China’s father of hybrid rice (杂交水稻)” was born in Beijing. He wasn’t a great s___ at school. But he liked to get answers. t. Yuan wanted people believed Yuan could do it. Yuan was just a teacher. But he spent ten years working in the field and won the world over. His special rice feed 100 million more Chinese.

Money and honor (荣誉another kind of “super rice”. His hopes it will feed even more people. farmer.

1. _____ 2. _____ 3. ______ 4. ______ 5. ______

6. _____ 7. ______ 8. ______ 9. ______ 10. _____

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Unit 10 If you go to the party,you'll have a great time!

第一课时 Section A(1a2c)


1.Can you help me (organize) the English evening party?

2.If you wear (jeans) to the party,Mr. Li won't be happy.

3.The teacher asked us (take) the bus to the party.

4.—When is a good time —Let's have it tomorrow.

5.Half of the class (be) girls.


make some food,stay at home,take the bus to,have a great time,watch a video

6.It's rainy today.Let's at home.

7.Peter is very shy and he often

8.My mother for me every day.

9.We school yesterday because our bikes didn't work.

10.They at Ann's party.


1.They 组织) a football game between Class One and Class Three.

2.My brother likes playing 视频) games very much.

3.We have two 会议) every month.

4.I don't like English and I often feel (厌倦的)in English classes.

5.You look unhappy. What (发生)to you?


6.—I want to know if it is going to rain next week.

—If it ____,I will have to stay at home.

A.is B.does C.do D.will

7.Linda's mother ____if she ________her work this week.

A.comes back;finishes B.comes back;will finish

C.will come back;finishes D.will come back;will finish

8.If the phone ____,can you answer it?

A.rings B.is ringing C.will ring D.rang

9.We will go for a picnic if it ____ tomorrow.

A.doesn't rain B.wasn't rainy C.won't rain D.wasn't raining

10.The summer holiday is a good time ____. We can go swimming,climb hills or play football.

A.to do homework B.to take exercise C.do homework D.do exercise


11.I'll take the bus to the party.(改为同义句) I'll go to the party .

12.He will come.You invite him.(合并为一句) He will come you invite him.

13.We had a great time at the party.(改为同义句)We at the party.

14.I'll wear jeans to the party.(改为同义句)I'll go to the party

15..(对画线部分提问) 四、选择方框中的选项补全对话。(有两项多余)(5×5分=25分)

A.When will the party start?B.I'm going there by bus.C.I think you will have a great time.

D.Who will go to the party?E.Where are you going?F.Why are you going there?

G.I hope he will have a happy birthday.A:What are you going to do tomorrow?

B:To Andrea's house.

A: B:Because Andrea will have a birthday party.

A:B:It will start at half past eleven in the morning.

A :B:All the students in our class.

A :B:I think he will.

A:How are you going there?

B :A:OK!Have a good time!

B:Thank you!

第二课时 Section A(2d3c)


1.—Do you like —Yes,I do.

2.There are hundreds of (taxi) in my city.

3.Peter has a lot of 4.We (not have) our sports meeting if the weather

5.What 二、根据句意用方框中词组的适当形式填空。

be sorry,too...to...,play the games,make friends,wear nice clothes

6.They will have a party.We should to it.

7.You are too tired.Let's to relax.

8.The boy is 9.I about what I said just now.

10.You should if you are shy and are afraid of speaking in public.


1.Did you take her (建议) to see a doctor?

2.Pad was very 失望的) that you didn't phone.

3.I never take a (出租车) to school.

4.Many girls like eating 巧克力).

5.I got a lot of on my birthday party.


6.,be angry)

7.(fail the exam again).


9.(catch the last bus).

10.(be famous).


11.She was ____ angry ________ say a word.

A.so;as B.so;that C.too;to D.very;that

12.—What ____ do you have for Paul?

—I think he should study harder than before.

A.news B.advice C.help D.information

13.You will be late for school ____ you don't get up early.

A.but B.if C.and D.on

14.Andrea will come and join us if she ____ busy.

A.will be B.won't be C.is D.isn't

15.I'm not sure how ____ to the party.

A.go B.going C.to go D.went


A:Are you going to the park party tomorrow evening?

B:Yes,I am. A:Of course I will.

B:Can we take some drinks and snacks with us?


B:Really?Why not?


B:Then,may I wear my shorts?

A:You can't do that.

B:A:The park keepers won't let you in,either.

B:A:Nothing.We just need to go and play.

第三课时 Section B(1a1d)


1.Yao Ming is one of the best basketball (play) in the world.

2.If the boy (become) a soccer player,he will be happy.

3.Mr. Liu gave me a lot of (advice) on how to get good grades.

4.If she ,I won't go.

5.If you want to be famous,you should work 二、根据句意用方框中词组的适当形式填空。

travel around the world,make a lot of money,

go to college,be free,be famous

6.I think he will come if he tomorrow.

7.I think you should after high school.

8.—Will you in the future?

—Yes.I will be a businessman.

9.China for the Great Wall.

10.If I have enough money,I'll


1.He hopes to go to a good after finishing middle school.

2.Children can get a good in the school.

3.My father wants to around the world during the holiday.

4.China is for the Great Wall.

5.The soccer is talking to Michael's parents.


6.If she____work hard,she________go to college.

A.not;not B.won't;won't C.won't;doesn't D.doesn't;won't

7.If you study hard,you will____a good education.

A.get B.make C.find D.have

8.If you become a great soccer player, you'll____.

A.be famous B.be sad C.be surprising D.be boring

9.We're going to play soccer. Will you____us?

A.take part in B.look after C.join D.organize

10.—What are you going to do after you leave school?

—I will____a lot of money and travel________the world.

A.buy;over B.buy;all over C.make;over D.make;all over



Most children in China can 12.我想加入NBA,成为一个很棒的篮球运动员。

I want to NBA, and a great basketball player.


If I have time, I'll .


I hope I will 15.我母亲去年挣了很多钱。

Last year my mother


A.But money isn't everything.

B.If I don't do this now.I'll never do it.

C.Why not?

D.But it's my dream to be a musician.

E.I want a job I love.I want to be happy.

A:You shouldn't join the Rock Band right now.

B: A:If you join the Rock Band,you will never go to college.

B:A:Of course you want to be happy,but you should finish your study.

B:A:B:I know.

A:But don't you want to get an education?

第四课时 Section B(2a2b)


1.The young children like to keep the problems to .

2.The children from 13 to 19 are all .

3.My mother is always (worry) about me.

4.He's much (angry) with me than my aunt.

5.We all like Liu Hui because he is .


talk to,be afraid to,a lot of worries,keep thinking,keep...to oneself

6.Mr. Zhang is very serious,so I talk with him.

7.my mother about my problems made me feel relaxed.

8.Tom and Tim are shy and they often

9.Lisa is a hardworking student. She often in class.

10.Peter was upset because he had


1.青少年) should help their parents do some homework.

2.There is little money in my 钱包).

3.I love 旅行).

4.He can't get good grades he studies hard.

5.After winter,they lived a (正常) life.


worry , expert , angry , understand , them

6.My brother is a computer .

7.The young children like to keep the problems to .

8.My parents are always about me.

9.My parents will be very if I tell them I lost my bike.

10.She is so that all her friends like to talk about their problems with her.


11.—Could we go and watch the football game?

—No,____ you have two tickets.

A.if B.unless C.because D.so

12.Being honest (诚实) is the first ____ if you want to make friends with others.

A.step B.time C.job D.hand

13.Some students are so ____ that they often make mistakes in their homework.

A.careful B.serious C.careless D.successful

14.Doing exercise ____ good for your health.

A.be B.am C.is D.are

15.Please remember ____ off the lights when you leave classroom.

A.turn B.turning C.turns D.to turn


16.最后,她买了五本新书。,she bought five new books.

17.他在他的学校作业方面有一些问题。He had some his schoolwork.


I think someone helps .

19.她害怕把这件事告诉她父母。She was 20.我比我弟弟更细心。I am my brother.

第五课时 Section B(2c2e)


1.Peter likes China very much and he teaches 2.When we cross the road,we should be (care).

3.They are halfway 4.James advised us 5.It's best (run) in the morning. It's good for our health.


have problems with,run away from,in the end,make a....mistake,in half

6.Let's cut the apple

7.they get to the top of the mountain.

8.He his home at the age of 13.

9.If you your schoolwork,you should talk to your teacher.

10.Don't careless


1.A driver is a danger to us all.

2.It's normal to make when you are learning a foreign language.

3.I was so tired,he me to walk slowly.

4.When will you the problem,Li Ming?

5.When you feel sad,you can find someone you to talk to.


6.You mustn't be a (care) driver.

7.It's five 8.He is old enough to look after .

9.She is an ,and everyone likes her.

10.They're 三、单项选择。(5×5分=25分)

11.—What else do we need for the trip?

— ____.Let's go!

A.Nothing else B.Something else C.Else nothing D.Else something

12.He is a famous doctor with a lot of ____,we all like him.

A.problems B.advices C.experience D.events

13.Tom,you may find someone you trust ____.

A.to talk B.walking C.to talk to D.talk to

14.He has a lot of ____ and he is ____ about his English and math.

A.worries,worry B.worried,worry C.worries,worried D.worried,worried

15.My friend Tom always says,“It's best not to ____ from our problems,we should try to solve them.”

A.run off B.run away C.take away D.take down


16.除非明天下雨,我将去钓鱼。I will go shopping 17.他感觉和我一样。He feels me.

18.他正在把这个苹果切成两半。He's the apple .

19.当你最需要他的帮助时,他跑开了。He you when you needed his help most.

20.你为什么不去学些别的?Why don't you learn 第六课时 Section B(3aSelf Check)


People , party , movie , apartment , school

1.We often have for our birthdays.

2.My uncle bought an with three bedrooms in Changde.

3.Last week we went to the old home to help the old men.

4.—Do you like the Lost in Thailand? —Yes,it's interesting.

5.September 21st is our Day and we often have all kind of activities to celebrate it.


6.If she (be) free tomorrow,she will come to your birthday party.

7.If we make noise in the library,the teacher (be) mad at us.

8.If you (forget) to take your ticket,you can't go to the concert.

9.Our math teacher (call) my parents if I (fail) the exam once again.

10.I don't know if they (take) part in the activity next Sunday.


1.They hope to around the world.

2.Thank you for your .It helps me a lot.

3.We had a problem but we don't know how to it.

4.I had a fight with my brother.And my mother was with us.

5.Lisa made a few in the exam.So she failed again.


6.Remember (take) the fruit to your sister.

7.Frank asked me to give him some (advice).

8.If she ,she will be sad.

9.My little brother often makes many .

10.These children enjoyed 三、单项选择。(5×5分=25分)

11.What ____ if I ________ my homework?

A.will happen;don't finish B.will happen;won't finish

C.happen;don't finish D.happen;won't finish

12.____ your problems with others can make you feel relaxed.

A.Share B.To sharing C.Sharing D.Shares

13.There's another one kilometer from here to the park . We have to keep ____.

A.walk B.walking C.to walk D.walked

14.Let's have a ____ at 2:30 this afternoon . I have something important to tell you.

A.meeting B.concert C.trip D.picnic

15.—You can wear your cool coat to the party! —____

A.That's a great idea! B.That's really too bad! C.You look old! D.You look cool!




Do you have any worries?Zhang Lin,a fourteenyearold girl from No. 29 Middle School,days.

Zhang Lin has a hard time with her English and math,不及格) her exams.When she gets bad grades,Zhang Lin do about this?She is very worried.She believes the worst .,they will laugh at her.If so,.

Also,Zhang Lin likes a boy.She wrote a letter to him,,but she thinks her father will criticize(批评boy,he will be angry.

No one can help Zhang Lin to solve her problems.She doesn't know what to do.Who can help her?

1. A.ideas B.Worries C.Time D.homework

2.A.so B.but C.though D.Unless

3.A.to B.for C.from D.With

4.A.often B.Sometimes C.never D.Always

5. A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything

6. A.asks B.wants C.stops D.refuses

7.A.more B.less C.better D.worse

8.A.afraid B.sure C.ready D.able

9.A.your B.their C.his D.her

10.A.knows B.will know C.knew D.is knowing


Simon hardly listened to his teachers or worked hard in class.For him,talking was so much better.He never stopped talking.He wanted to be heard. “If you listen carefully,you'll learn something.”Mrs. Jacobs told him many times,but it didn't work.

Last Sunday,Simon had a sore throat(喉咙痛) and he lost his voice the next morning.“Can I stay home?”he tried to ask,but words didn't come out.His mother thought he could go to school.He felt upset.

When he got to school,he didn't say anything to his friends or teachers.Everyone started talking at once.They were excited,worried and surprised.Mrs. Jacobs seemed happy.Simon was bored because he couldn't talk.

But it wasn't so bad.He could do his homework.The next day,even though his voice was coming back,he stayed quiet again.He listened and put up his hand to speak.What a great difference!

11.Simon ________ before last Sunday.

A.was hardworking B.was shyC.kept silent D.liked talking

12.Mrs. Jacobs once talked Simon to ________ many times.

A.leave school B.listen to herC.get to school early D.talk loudly

13.What happened to Simon on Monday?

A.He lost his dog.B.He had the flu.C.He had a fight with his friend.D.He lost his voice.

14.Simon felt ________ when he got to school.

A.excited B.worried C.bored D.surprised

15.According to the passage,Simon finally learned to ________.

A.listen to his teachers B.listen to his friendsC.do his housework alone D.talk with his classmates



Sometimes they have problems with their schoolwork,and worried “If I tell my parents,they'll be angry!”In the end,she talked to her parents and they were really

mistakes himself.They got her a new wallet and asked her to be more careful.Laura says,“It is best not to run away from our them.”She thinks the first step is to find someone you

to talk to.Students often forget that their parents have more than them,and are always there to help them.In English,we say that sharing a problem is like cutting it in half.So to solving a problem just by talking to someone about it!

• ◆美文欣赏

• I'm thinking about what I'm going to do this winter.Maybe I'll get a job.If I get a job,I'll have some money

to buy some new things.Maybe I'm going to buy some new clothes.I'd like to wear new clothes when I start

school again in February.I can buy some books,or some music CDs.I really love jazz.If I get some money,

I will buy some more CDs for my jazz collection.Or I can use the money to take tennis lessons.I play tennis

well,but I'd like to play it better.

• Do you agree with my plan?


八年级英语上册Unit 9课时练习 * Section A


1、开始做某事________________________ 7、停止做某事__________________________

2、为他的国家队效力__________________ 8、为…效力____________________________

3、篮球运动员_______________________ 9、网球运动员_________________________

4、足球运动员______________________ 10、赢得金牌__________________________

5、在世锦赛上_______________________ 11、世界记录__________________________

6、例如_____________________________ 12、国家队_____________________________


 too...to… 太…而不能….

1. When he heard the bad news , he was ________ sad ________ a word.

A. too, to B. too, to say C. too, say D. so, to say

2. He is too young to go to school.(译并进行转换)

He ______ old enough ___________ __________ _____________ ____________.

He is _______ young ________ he can’t go to school.

 kind: (1)对某人友好 (2)有点… (3)各种不同各类的…

 see sb. do sth. 看见某人做(过)某事 see sb. doing sth. 看见某人(正在)做某事 判断:I often see him ________ basketball on the playground,

I saw him _________basketball when I got there yesterday.(play)



One is n________ too young to start _________ things. For e_________, Tiger Woods s___________ g__________ when he swa only ten months old. Mozart started w________ music at the a________ of four. And Ronaldo p________ for his n__________ team when he swa seventeen. Deng Yaping started to play p_______when she was seven. She j________ the national team when she was fifteen and she w_________ the first c__________when she was seventeen.

1. Tiger Woods started g___________ when he was ten months old.

2. Jim is good at many things, so he is very t_____________.

3. The ice is too thin. S__________ on it is very dangerous.

4. Arthur is a l_________ grandfather, and Ann is a l__________ beautiful girl.

5. She was an u________ girl because she started ice skating when she was four and she b_________ a skating champion when she was ten.

6. She plays the violin very well and she is an o__________ v___________.

7. I heard Tom ________ when I passed near his room.

A. sing B. sang C. sings D. singing

8. Don’t _______ too much on computer games.

A. spend B. take C. cost D. pay

9. Did you _______ the sports meeting last month?

A. join B. joined C. take part in D. took part in

10. His father is __________outstanding violinist.

A. an B. a C. the D. /

11. He boy began _______ to swim when he was very young.

A. learned B. to learn C. learn D. learnt

12. --- Where is Lilei? --- Someone saw him ________.

A. skate B. is skating C. skating D. skates

13. --- _______ did she become a teacher? --- _________ she was twenty years old.

A. When, When B. When, For C. What time, For D. How, As

14. Martin wants to ________ France when he grows up.

A. tour B. visti C. travel to D. A, B or C

15. Shirley Temple _______a movie star when she______ only three years old.

A. becomes, is B. became, is C. is, became D. became, was

四、完成句子: 1、你什么时候出生的? 我是1982年12月14日出生的。

________ _______ _______ _______? I _______ _______ _______December 14th, 1982.

2、那是Michael Jordan,他是美国著名的篮球运动员。

________ ________ Michael Jordan, he is a ________ American ________ ________.


________ _______ did Charles _________? He _______ _______69 years and 5 months.


________ did he ________ ________ ? He ________ ________ ________1922.


________ did he ________ ________? He ________ in 1990.


He music


Unit 4. What’s the best movie theater?

Section A 基础巩固练习

一、 英汉互译

1.最舒适的座位 2. the biggest screens 3.so far 二、 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成句子 6.I have two _________ (票)to the basketball match. 7. Tam listens very c_________ in class. All the teachers like him. 8. That restaurant has good s _________ .

9. (2012,贵州铜仁)He can speak English _________ (更好地)than I. 10. The supermarket has the ______________ (最新鲜的) fruit. 三、用所给词的适当形式填空 11. Thanks for _________ (help) me. 12. His brother is a _________ report).

13: This coat is _________________ (expensive)than That one. 14. You can sit the most _________ (comfortable) at Sun Cinema. 15一What do you think of Funky Fashions? 一I think it’s the _________ (bad).It has really bad service . 三、 单项选择

16. The People’s Cinema is close _________ my home. A. in B, out C. to D. of 17. _________ is the coat?

A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How often 18一 _________ is it from your home to school? 一Ten minutes by bus.

A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How long 19. FM 97. 4 is the best_ _______ . Lt plays popular music every day. A. fast food restaurant B. Clothing store C. radio station D. music store

20. (2012,广西桂林)The red pencil is _________ than the green one. A. short B. shorter C. nice D. the shortest 21: You can buy ticket _________ here. A. the most quick B. the more quick C. the most quickly D. the more quickly

22..1 like the Big Screen Complex because it has _________ screen. A. bigger B. the worst C. the biggest D. worst 23.—The weather is _________ today than yesterday. A. bad B. worse C. badder D. badly 一、 基础知识

(一)基本词汇和基本短语 1. 天资;天赋 2. common 3.role 4.给 5.实例

6.获胜者 7. prize 8.有共同特征 9.be up to l0.make up

11.认真对待 12.寻找 13. be good at 1 4.play a role 15.(梦想)实现


24: Which is__________season in Beijing? A.better B. best C. the best D. good

25. (2012,福建福州)Shu-how Lin is now one of _________ basketball players in the NBA.

A. popular B, more popular C. the most popular 五、根据要求改写句子

26.It i对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ is it from the market to the hospital? 27. Movie World has big screens. Town Cinema has bigger screens.(合并成一句)

Town Cinema has__________ screens_ _________ Movie World. 对线部分提问) _________ is the best clothes store in town?

29. This red jacket is cheaper than that blue one.(改为同义句) That blue jacket is _________ _________ than this red one. 30. Jim is taller than the other two.(改为同义句)

Jim is _________ _________ of the three.

六、语法专练:形容词的比较级和最商级 用所给词的适当形式填空。

36.My mom is _________ (busy) in my family.

37.Which clothes store is__________ (good),Trendy Teens or Jason’s? 38. Which city is ___________________ (beautiful),Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou?

39. She is _________ (old) of us all.

40. What’s _________ (bad) radio station in town?

41.Oldies 102. 1 FM is _________ (bad) than All Talk 970 AM. 42. Which is _________ (big) of the five ( oranges?

43. Movie Palace has_ _____________________ (comfortable) seats of the three.

44.0f all the boxes this one is _________ (heavy).

45.1 want to learn science hard. I think it is _________________ (difficult) of all.

4.最好的服装店 5.最差的音乐 Section B&Self Check 基础巩固练习

(二)基本句式 16.谁是最好的表演者?

Who is _________ _________ _________ ? 17.他们通常在决定获胜者方面起着重要的作用。

They ________ ________ ________ ________ in deciding the winner. 18.才艺演出变得越来越受欢迎。

Talent shows are getting _________ _________ _________ _________。


What do you_ _________ _________ the shows? 20.谁唱歌唱得最动听?

Who sings _________ _________ _________ ? 二、根据句意以及汉语或首字母完成句子 21.Tom is very _________ (有创造力的). 22.Not e _________ likes watching TV. 23.Lucy gets a good _________ (奖品).

24.Bill Gates often helps the p _________ in Africa. 25. His mother is s _________ ill. 三、用所给词或短语的适当形式填空 26 .The girl is a good _________ (perform). 27. Mr Brown is _________ (funny) of all the teachers. 28.The _________ (win) in the talent shows get good prizes. 29.Chen Daoming is one of the best _________ (act)in China. 30. His dream _________ _________ (come true) at last with his great effort. 四、单项选择

31.(2012,山东临沂)English is my favorite subject, and I am good _________ it.

A. for B. to C, at D. of

32.All these talent shows have one thing _________ comcmon. A. on B. in C. at D. for

33.Our teacher asked us to_ _________ a story about the moon. A. make up B. make of C. make in D. make out 34.It’s fun _________ the talent show.

A. watch B, to watch C, watched D. watches 35.There are _________ school things in the store.

A. a kind of B. kind of C. different kind of D. all kinds of 36.Do you enjoy_ _________ English stories? A. read B, to read C. reading D. reads 37. His dog is lost(丢了).He is_ _________ it .

A. looking for B. finding C. finding out D. looking at 38.The students take the exams__________ .

A. serious B. seriously C. bad D. worse

39.(2012,四)1l广安)-What a nice watch it is! 一Yes. It’s _________ one of all.

A. expensive B. more expensive C. the most expensive 40.We decide _________ to Beijing tomorrow. A. going B. go C. to go D. goes

41.They make the little boy_ _________ the room every day A. cleans B. clean C. to clean D. cleaning 42.Parents play a role in _________ their children. A. teach B. teaches C. to teach D. teaching 43.Our city is becoming _________ .

A. more and most beautiful B. more beautiful and more beautiful C. more and more beautiful D. beautiful and beautiful 44.Which subject is_ _________ of all? A. the most interested B. the most interesting C. the more interested D. the more interesting

45. (2012,贵州毕节)When winter comes, days get _________ . A. long and long B. short and short C. longer and longer D. shorter and shorter 五、句型转换

46.Funky Fashions has the worst clothes in town.(改一般疑问句) _________ Funky Fashions _________ the worst clothes in town? 47,Mike’s hair is 5 cm long. Jack’s hair is 6 cm long.(合 并为一句) Mike’s hair is _________ _________ _________ .

对画 线部分提问)

_________ _________ does it _________ for a night in the hotel? 49.1 think Jason’s has the best clothes in town.(改为否定句) I _________think Jason’s _________ the best clothes in town. 50. This jacket is cheaper than that one.(改为同义句) That jacket is__________ _________ than this one. 51. The tall boy wins the game.(改为同义句) The _________ _________ the game is the tall boy. 七 根据所给汉语完成句子

52. Jasper’s has the_ _________ (最友好的)service.

53. Hotels usually __________________ (降低它们的价格) in winter.

54. 1 think Cride Theater has __________________ (最舒适的)seats.

55, The Art Festival _________________________ 持续了 大约10天).

56. The moon cakes are very delicious,but I can’t _________ (再吃).


一、 单项选择

1. (2013,广东模拟)It’s getting _________ . We should go now. A. dark and dark B. more and more dark C. darker and darker D. more and more darker

2.(2011,广东清远)Li Hua studies English very ___ and her English is __ _____ in her class.

A. careful,good B. carefully, well C, careful,best D. carefully,the best


3.(2011,河北)Of all the subiects, chemistry seems to be _________ `for me.

A. difficult B. too difficult C, more difficult D. the most difficult 4.(2011,四川南充)China is one of _________ countries in the world. A. larger B. largest C. the largest

5. (2011,黑龙江绥化)(陷阱题)Li Kai jumped the _________ in the long jump. He won the game.

A. farthest B. highest C. longest

6, (2012,贵州黔西南)-Which city has _________ popultion, Beijing,Guiyang or Xingyi? 一Xingyi,of course.

A. the largest B. the smallest C. the most D. the least

一、 用所给形容词或副词的适当形式填空

Which lesson is__________ (difficult) in Book 2? 1. Alice writes __________________ (carefully) than I. 2. This story is __________________ (interesting) than that one. 3. He is __________________ (clever) boy in the class.

4. This kind of food must be __________________ (delicious)

than that one.

5. Can you show me_ _________ (near) shop?

6. Who’s __________________ ,(careful),Tom,Jim or Kate? 7. That is __________________ (easy) of all.

8. That was one of. __________________ (exciting) moments in


单元培优练 ·、陷阱题

1 .The weather in Beijing is colder than _________

A. of Wuhan B. W uhan C. that in W uhan D. that of Wuhan 2. _________ classroom is much smaller than _________ 。

A. Our;their B. Ours;theirs C. Our; theirs D. Ours;their 3. Xiao Li is the _________ of them two. A. tall . B. taller C. tallest D. more tall 4” How time flies!Ten years_ _________ passed. A. have、 B. has C. is· D. are

5. It’staurant. (对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ is it to the farthest restaurant ?

二、 中考题

6.(2012,山冻济南)-Sonia, do you think you are differem from Linda?

一Yes. I’m _________ _at drawing than her. A. better B. good C. well D. best

7.(2o12 山东济宁)In the talent show, I performed well and Ann did even _________ .

A. Well B. better C. more D, worse 8. (2012,天津)Who listens _________ , Corn ,Jack or Bill? A. the most carefully B. more carefully C. the most careful D. more careful

9. (2012,湖南岳阳)Wembley Stadium(温布利大球场)is one of the _________ soccer fields in the world. It will be the place for soccer matches during the Olympics next month.

A. famous B. more famous C. most famous

10. (2012,贵州六盘水)It’s summer now; the weather is getting _________ .

A. higher and higher B. lower and lower C. hotter and hotter D. colder and colder





1. I like the book. It’ !

students in our class go to school by bus.

3.Did you go to the park with (任何人)yesterday?

4.Did you (任何地方)interesting?

5.He’s new here, so he has (很少)friends.


1.Where you (go) on vacation last year?

(study) hard last term.

3. you (visit) your aunt last Sunday?

4. (stay) at home last night . 八年级上册第一单元第二课时课课练



2. This is an English car. It’s (昂贵

的) . (糟糕的).

4.The book is only ten yuan , it’ (便宜的). (友好的). II.句型转换。

1. I went to the mountains. (改为一般疑问句)

2.He had great fun today.(改为否定句).

3. I went to New York City. (对划线部分提问 you ?

4. He yesterday. (对划线部分提问) yesterday?

对划线部分提问) the beaches?



1. There are some (不同)between American English and British English.

2.I (想知道)why he didn’t come here.

(活动)for us.

4. It’with you.

5. They are very poor, so they don’t have money to buy new clothes.

in the

big cities.

7. I’ . Let’s buy something to eat. for the bus at the bus stop now. to join us yesterday.

to school every day. II.句型转换

对划线部分提问) wet and cold?

对划线部分提问) there with?

3. He rode his bicycle to the small town.


He his bicycle to the small town.


vacation on the beach?

对划线部分提问) last night?


1. They want (go) to Shanghai on vacation.

2. He really enjoys (read )books.

3. She (try) again last Sunday.

4. He decided (go) with us. 5. It started (snow). It’s so great. I like snow.



1. I’.Please give me something to eat. 2. I learned English .

unhappy just now. because of the heavy rain.

is here except Tom .He’s ill in bed.

6. The boy is strong (足够的) to carry the heavy box.

7. There are many tall (建筑物)in our

city now.

8. (厌恶)reading because he thinks it’s boring .

9. I (决定) to help mom do housework yesterday. 10. Mary keeps a 日记) every day . II.书面表达。

上个假期你和你的家人去哪儿度假了?和大家一起分享你的快乐吧!根据提示写一篇60 –80 词的短文。可以参照提示,也可以不参照。 on May Day, sunny, hot, my parents, took, a beautiful beach, had great fun, in the afternoon, flew kites, How happy we were !

八年级上册第二单元第一课时课课练 I.单项选择:

1.I like English very much, so I listen to

the tape in the morning.

A. usually B. hardly ever C. never D. sometimes

2. What does your father do in the evening? He usually A. watch TV B. exercises C. read books D. run

3. How often do you go home?

A. A week B. How many C. One D. Once a week

do yourgrandfather come to see you?------Twice a week.

A. How often B. How many C. When D. What

on weekends?

A. is , do B. does , does C. do ,do D. does, do II.句型转换:

1. He does his homework every day.(改为一般疑问句)

--- his homework every day? 2. He goes skating 对划线部分提问)

he go skateboarding?


does Lin Tao help you with your Chinese?

4. Tom goes to bed at ten in the evening.(改为否定句) Tom to bed at ten in the evening.


he on weekends? 八年级上册第二单元第二课时课课练 I. 根据首字母提示完成单词填空

1. I eat fruit every day and I love food, too .

2. ---We need at a week to finish the task?

is my favorite drink.

. II. 句型转换:

1. She goes to the movies . (对划线部分提问)

she to the movies?

2. My mother would like me to play the guitar.

(同义句转换) ---My mother to play the guitar.

3. I always exercise after school. (变成完全否定句)

--- I exercise after school.

4. He sleeps eight hours . (对划线部分提问) he sleep every night?





1.多大年纪__________ 2.Tom的生日_______________

3.艺术节___________ 4.October tenth __________________

5.郊游 _______________ 6.School Day________________


1.My mother's b__________ is in July.

2.When is the s__________trip?

3.Dave's birthday p________is on May 1st.

4.N__________ comes before December.

5.A_________ is the fourth month of the year.

6. Teacher's day is on S _______ tenth.

7. Do you like the music c_______ on CCTV?

8.Our school has a v___________ game every year.


1. School Day is October tenth. (对划线部分提问)

______ _______ School Day ?

2、My grandfater is seventy. (画线部分提问)

____ ____ ____ your grandfater ?

3、She likes basketball game .(改为否定句)

She _____ ____ basketball game .

4、I'm 15 .(对划线部分提问) ___ old ____ _____?

四、用适当的介词填空不必要时填/ 1.His mother's birthday is August 25 th. 2. Mother's Day is May every year.

3. –When was he born(出生)? – 1998. 4.He is my grandparents’ home. 5.Her aunt was born June 21 st.


一:how old, Tom’s birthday, art festival,十月十号,郊游,教学日

二:birthday, school, party, November, April, September, contest, volleyball 三:When is, How old is, doesn’t like, How are you,

四:on, in, /, at, on



Unit 2 Keeping Healthy

Topic 3 Must we exercise to prevent the flu?

Section D


Ⅰ. 单选

( )1.—May I put my car here?

–No, you ________. You should put it over there.

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. couldn’t D. shouldn’t

( )2. –May I smoke here?

–No, ___________.

A. you mustn’ t B. you may not

C. you’d better not D. all the above

( )3. –Do you teach ______ at home at weekends, Lucy and Lily?

–Yes, we do.

A. you B. your C. yourselves D. yourself

( )4.We should keep away ________ the fire because it is

dangerous for us.

A. to catch B. from C. with D. for

( )5. The teachers often tell us ____________ late for class.

A. to be B. be C. not to be D. not be

( )6.They found out the answer to the question __________.

A. easily B. easy C. loudly D. quick

( )7. Now Sally very well. Nobody taught her. She __________.

A. taught herself B. taught her

C. learned herself D. learned from her

( )8. Mom! Uncle Wang ________ just now.

A. ring up you B. rang up you

C. rang you up D. rings you up.

( )9.The hotel is the only white building on the road. You can’t

________ it.

A. see B. find C. miss D. look for

( )10. My bike is broken. I _________ walk to school.

A. have to B. must


Ⅱ. 完形填空

Peter and paul passed by a small house on their way home late at night. They saw thick(浓厚的“It’s on fire!”said Peter. “We must get help.”

the road shouting ―Fire! Fire!‖ Theythe police and the fireman.

to the house. They saw through the window an old lady C. has to D. needn’t

Paul tried hard to carry her out of the house and so they did! Some neighbours came and helped take some things out.

In no time the firemen as well as the policemen. The fire was put out. The old lady cried sadly she was not hurt. She went home happily.

( )1. A. snow B. clouds

( )2. A. Over B. along

C. fire C. at D. smoke D. with D. opened ( )3. A. knocked B. beat ( )4. A. tell B. report C. locked C. ring up D. find

( )5. A. ran back B. walk back C. run back D. walked back

( )6. A. sitting

( )7. A. old B. be sit C. sat D. be sit B. difficult C. free

D. clear ( )8. A. arrived B. fought ( )9. A. so B. for C. left D. returned C. and D. but

( )10. A. up and down B. again an again

C. hour after hour D. from side to side


Helen Keller lived in the USA. She was a great woman.When Helen was a baby, she got very sick. Many weeks later, the doctor said she was better, but now she couldn’t see or hear any more. A few years later, things got worse. There was no way for Helen to

speak to other people. She didn’t understand anything.

Then one day, a teacher came to live with Helen. The teacher helped Helen learn words. Helen was a very clever child and soon she learned to spell her first word. When she was older, she went to college.

Helen was a very old woman when she died. The world remembers her today as a brave and wonderful person. She couldn’t see or hear but she found a way to do this.

1. 判断正(T)误(F)

( )Helen Keller was a great woman and there was something wrong with her ears and eyes.

( )Helen couldn’t hear anything but could see everything.

2. 回答问题。

(1)Who helped Helen learn words?

(2) Why does the world still remember Helen?


At first she couldn’t __________ anything and later a teacher _________ her to spell the first word. The teacher found her very _________, and Helen found a __________ to do things.


IV 书面表达




____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Answers: I 1. A 2. A 3.D 4.B 5. C 6.A 7.A 8.C 9.C 10.A


III T / F /A teacher / She was a brave and wonderful

person. / speak / taught / clever / way

IV Possible version: The flu spreads easily among people. We should do our best to prevent it. We should go to bed early and get up early. We should also do some running. It’s good for us to open the windows to let the fresh air in. We’d better not go to crowded places. We must often clean our houses, wash hands, and change clothes. We should drink more boiled water and eat healthy food.


Unit 3Section B (1a—2e)


( ) 1.This problem is more difficult ___that one . A as B than C like D of

( ) 2.His blue bike is too expensive. Could you show me a ______ one?

A cheap B cheaper C cheapest D cheapper

( ) 3. Kate isn’t very ___. She likes to stay at home and read .

A quiet B kind C funny D outgoing

( )4. Which do you like _______ , apples or oranges?

A. good B. better C. best D. well

( ) 5. I guess Tom and his sister Celia enjoyed ____ at the party.

A myself B himself C herself D themselves

( ) 6. --This computer is really cheap. --The_____, the better. I need money, you know.

A. cheapest B. cheap C. cheaper D. more cheap

( ) 7. What a hot day! The weather report says it will be even ______ tomorrow.

A cooler B hotter C wetter D colder

( ) 8. ______ trees we plant, ______ our Mother Earth will be.

A The little, the beautiful B . The many, the beautiful

C The less, the more beautiful D . The more , the more beautiful

( ) 9. There are many boys in this class, but there are ______ in that one.

A many B much C more many D more

( ) 10.Funtawild Adventure is very popular and _______ tourists visit it year by year.

A more and more B fewer and fewer C less and less D more or less

( ) 11.Of the two Australian students, Masha is ______ one. I think you can find her easily.

A a tallest B the taller C a taller D the tallest

( ) 12. The actress is already 50, but she looks ____ than she really is.

A young B more young C more younger D much younger

( ) 13. Li Hua’s shoes are as _____ as Zhang Hui’s.

A cheap B cheaper C the cheaper D the cheapest

( ) 14. She always does her homework __ than her brother.

A. more careful B. careful C. more carefully D. carefully

( ) 15. Our school is becoming _______.

A. more and more beautiful B. more beautiful and beautiful C. beautiful and beautiful


1. Mr. Hand’s tw2. — to tell my mother about it? —Yes, you have to tell her.

3. ——I know it’s not good for me.


6. You should wash hbefore meals.

7. Work hard, and you can get good g

8. In f

9. Can you tell us some iabout the vacation plan?

10. These two words are sto each other in meaning.


1. Who is ____________ (heavy), Wang Lin or Lin Tao?

2. Mr. Green is ____________ (serious) than Mr. Brown.

3. The sun is _________ (big) than the earth.4. Unit 4 is ____________ (difficult) than Unit 5.

5. My mother is ____________ (young) than your mother is.

6. Bob enjoys ____________ (tell) jokes.

7. It is very necessary for us ____________ (read) English in the morning.

8. He can hardly make the baby ____________ (stop) crying.

9. The movie is very ____________ and I am ____________ in it. (interest)

10. Both of __________ (they) are outgoing.11. He sings __________ (well) than his sister.

12. Here are some ____________ (photo) for you

13. It’s necessary for people

14. There are some(different)between Lucy and Lily.

15. —How are you feeling now, Peter? —Much (well).

四、 根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。

1. 实际上,我姐姐擅长语文。_________ _________, my sister is good at Chinese.

2. 只要你能来参加我的聚会我就高兴。

I’ll be happy _________ _________ _________ you can come to my party.

3. 这辆自行车和那辆不一样。This bike _________ _________ _________ that one.

4. 你的书包和我的一样。Your schoolbag is _________ _________ _________ mine.5. 对每个人来说, 学会交朋友很重要。

important for everybody to learn to___________ ___________.

6. 我最好的朋友与我很相似。我们都很外向。

My best friend similar2





3.懒惰的_____________ 4.(女子穿的)短上衣衬衫_____________

5.领带___________________ 6.借给___________________________

7.考虑_____________________ 8.穿衣服________________________






1. —埃迪,你在做什么?—我在考虑穿什么。

—_______ ______you doing ,Eddie? —I’m _____ ______ _____to wear.

2. 那么我可以在床上在待十分钟。

I can spend _____ ____ _____in bed then.

3. 你太懒了。 You’re_______ _______

4. —妈妈,你能将你的红短袖衫借给我们用于时装表演吗?—当然可以。

—Can you ______ _____your red blouse _____our fashion show ,Mum?—______ ______.

5. 噢。他对于我来说太大了,但基蒂能穿它。

Oh ,it’s _____ _______ ______me .but Kitty can wear it .


1. Mr Zhang doesn’t like to wear a _______(领带)

2. They have a ______(时装)show every year .

3. This pink ______(衬衫)looks very beautiful on Helen

4. Tony never cleans his bedroom . He is really _______(not hard -working)

Zhang Hua ______half an hour in reading English in the morning every day


1.—How long do you ____watching TV every day ?

—About an hour

A .take B.spend C.cost D.use

2. Would you like to buy two _______?

A .pairs of shoes B.pair of shoes C.pairs of shoe D.pair of shoe

3. Mum ,can you give me _____apples ?

A .the other B.two another C.more two D.two more

4. I’m mew here . Nobody tells me what _____next

A .to do B.do C.does D.doing

5. —Amy ,you look nice in this skirt. —_________.

A . You ,too B. You are welcome C. Thank you D.never mind


1. 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ _________thinking about ?

2. You can spend another two hours playing football (改为同义句)

You cam spend _____ _____ _______playing football

3. Can you lend me your MP5?(改为同义句)

Can yo lend _____ _____ _____ ______? Can I _____ ______ _______?

4. 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ ______your sweater ?

5. I’对划线部分提问) _______ _______ _________ _________to buy tie for your father?



I want to know __________ ___________ ________the holiday


The students of Class 1, Grade 7 are in the hall They .______ ______ _____ _____ ______.


The little boy is ______ _____,and he should _____ ____ ______ ______studying.


—Can I ______your bike ? —Sure ,but you can’t _____ ______ _____others .


Don’t ______ _____ _____any more . You must _______ ________ ________.


I am going to my cousin’s birthday party tomorrow . I feel so happy! Now I am thinking about the I from others . And I want to wear my white shoes the new dress . These two clip. Mother has a very nice one . I think she will be glad to it to me .look ! Am I beautiful in the mirror (镜子)?

buy presents for friends ,right?

1._____2.________3.________4.________5.__________6.________7._______8.________9.___ 10______


一.1.fashion 2.spend 3.lazy 4.blouse 5.tie 6.lend 7.think about 8.wear clothes

9.ten more minutes 10.in bed 11.so lazy 12.hold a fashion show 13.lend sb. Sth./lend sth .to sb. 14.borrow sth .from sb .15.too large for

二、1. What are; thinking about what 2.ten omre minutes 3.so lazy 4.lend us ;for ; Of course 5.too large for

三、1.tie 2.fashion 3.blouse 4.lazy 5.spends

四、1.B 2.A 3.D 4.A 5.C

五、1. What is he 2.two more hours 3.your MP5 to me ;borrow your MP5 4. What size is

5. Why would you like

六、1.where to spend 2.are having a fashion show 3.so lazy ;spend much more time

4.borrow;lend it to 5.stay in bed ;do more exercise

七、1.clothes 2.wear 3.think 4.idea 5.different 6.match 7.colours 8.hair 9.lend




一、基本词汇 及词组

1. 躺,平放;位于________2. 等候________3. 寻找_________4.写信给________

5. 跟某人谈话__________6.......成员___________7.躺在床上___________




Look !Simon _______ __________football with his friends in the playground .


I have dancing lessons . I _____ _______for my dancing shoes .


_______ __________ ________your homework now ?

4.—你的父母正在做什么? — What ______your parents _______?

—他们正在厨房做饭。 —They ____ ________in the kitchen .


1. Look ! The girls _________(sit)over there.

2. It’s 6:00p.m. I think the Smiths ________(have )dinner now .

3. Daniel _______(play )computer games every day . But now he _____(not play)them.

4. Hello !_____you______(read)the news on the Internet now ?

5. Can you tell me why my computer ______(not work)properly now

6. Daniel is playing games now .so I _____(wait)for my tun.


1. Alan often has a walk with his mother in the park (用now 替换often 改写句子)

Alan _______ ________a walk with his mother in the park now .

2. Lucy and Lily are swimming in the lake now (改为否定句)

Lucy and Lily ________ _________in the lake now

3. I am watering the flowers in the garden (改为否定句)

I ________ ________ _______the flowers in the garden .

4. My grandfather is listening to the radio(改为一般疑问句)

_______ ______ ________ _______to the radio?


_______ _________Darning and Mark______?


1. Look ! They are ________(swim)in the river

2. Look ! Your mother ______(chat )with her friend on the phone .

3. My mother is ______(cook)in the kitchen at the moment .

4. I think Daniel is _____(lie)on the playground at present

5. Would you like ______(come )to my home ?

6. ______(be)the students of Class Two ______(have)an English lesson now ?

7. —where is your brother? —He _____(eat) a cake in the dining room

8. What _____(be)your father _______(do)now?

9. Zhang Hua often_______(write)to his penfriend Li ping . And now he is____ (write )to him.

10. It’s my turn _____(make) a wish now.


Diana “No . I seldom (do)my homework.

Eric; (do)your uncle often _____(call)you?

Diana :Yes . And he often He (not have)much free time . And these days he (get)ready for a meeting . she sometimes (visit)you with your uncle?

Diana :Yes . She is with us today . She doesn’t work this week . Now ,she (cook)with my mother in the kitchen.

Eric : And is your cousin at your home ,too ?

Diana :Yes . Look ! He and my cat 1._______2._____3._____4._____5._______6._______7.____8.______9.______10.____


1. The students are doing their homework now (改为否定句)

The students ______ _______their homework now .

2. Betty is eating bread at the table (改为一般疑问句)

_______ Betty________ _______at the table ?

3. Are you sending e-mails to your friends , Millie?(做否定句回答)

No ,________ ________.

4. (对划线部分提问)

________ _______you_____at the party?

5. My English teacher walks to school (用at the moment 作时间状语改写句子)

My English teacher ________ _______to school at the moment.

6. Does your sister often read books in the library ?(用at present 作时间状语改写句子) _______your sister _______books in the library at present ?

7. about, they ,now ,what ,talking ,are (?)(连词成句)


8. 对划线部分提问)

_______ _________your cousin_________?


一.1。Lie 2.wait for 3.look for 4.write to 5.talk to sb. 6.a member of 7.lie on the bed

8.cook in the kitchen

二、1.is playing 2.are looking 3. Are you doing 4.are ;doing ; are cooking

三、1.are sitting 2.are having 3.plays ; isn’t playing 4. Are ;reading 5.is not working

6.am waiting

四、1.is having 2.aren’t swimming 3.am not watering 4. Is your grandfather listening

5. What are ;doing

五、1.swimming 2.is chatting 3.cooking 4.lying 5.to come 6. Are ;having 7.is eating

8.is ;doing 9.writes ;writing 10.to make

六、1.are ;writing 2.write 3.am doing 4. Does ;call 5.chats 6.doesn’t have 7.is getting

8. Does ;visit 9.is cooking 10.are lying

七、、1.aren’t doing 2. Is ;eating bread 3. I’m not 4. What are ;doing 5.is walking 6. Is ;reading 7. What are talking about now ? 8. What is ; carrying

八、1.aren’t doing 2. Is ;eating bread 3. I’m not 4. What are ;doing 5.is walking 6. Is ;reading 7. What are they talking about now ? 8. What is ;carrying