The reasons that Robinson succeeds in living in the deserted island

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Crusoe can come back from desert island alive, because of his innovation and contentment.Nowadays, the spirit of innovation is good for the college students and the teachers and students in high school. The satisfaction of life is a good philosophy of life for people to consider the relation between wealth and happiness.

 Author

Daniel Defoe (1660-1731), an English author, is the founder of the realistic novel, and is regarded as the “father of novel”. The theme in his novels mainly covers man’s overcoming tribulations through his wisdom, courage and efforts. Defoe’s works are full of complicated plot, which are of high readability. Those works all present an overall view of the general mood of society filled with adventurous spirit and struggle. Of all Defoe’s works, Robinson Crusoe is well known throughout the world and the hero Robinson has become a typical figure to fight against tribulations. Hence, Defoe has been looked upon as one of the England’s novel’s founders, the first important novelist in the English literary history.

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The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is a famous novel in British literature. It tells some adventures of Robinson, the most adventurous one is his life on an isolated island.

The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe tells a story about a young man named Robinson Crusoe. In fact, he lives a comfortable life before his first sailing. But he is persisted in sailing with his friend at the first time. During this sailing, they are caught in a storm. Fortunately, they land safely. But he does not reconcile himself to an insipid life. Then, he continues to go sailing. This time, their ship is attacked by pirates. After that, he sails to Africa, they are caught in hurricane. What a pity! Only he is alive, but he is on an isolated island. There are no other people on this island or around the island. Beyond all expectation, he uses the tools and seeds which he gets from the sunken ship to create houses, makes clothes and grows crops. He has enough food to eat, such as rice, mutton, grapes and fish. He yet does not concern himself about his clothes.

Robinson lives there comfortable and healthy, with his courage and belief. He

creates something with simple and crude tools miraculously. In his spare time, he read Bile. God always blesses him, like the most story and movie. Hero comes back to England at the end of the novel

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 The subject

Almost everyone has ever read The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Everybody thought that such a problem? The reasons that Robinson succeeds in living in the deserted island. I think should be the spirit of innovation and

satisfaction of life. At present, the world develops quickly.But gradually, it speeds down. Without any activity, it has no impetus to develop.

The experience of Robinson corresponds with the structure of desolated island characteristics. He does not cower, and seeks for survival by his endeavor. He spends several months making a canoe. After finishing this work, he finds that it needs twelve years to dig a river and put into sea. He has to give that canoe up. But, he still cuts down tree to make another canoe near the sea. It takes him two years. He finds a little seed of rice by accident, and then he sows some. Because he does not do it at right time, he cannot get a good harvest. He does not lose heart, and sows some seed again. He is not bored with working. Without anybody’s help on an isolated island he creates his implements of production, food, houses and clothes.

Robinson has stayed alone on the isolated island for more than twenty eight years. On the hand, the spirit of creativity affords him food, cloth, house and daily instruments. On the other hand, he contents himself with that style of life. In more than twenty years, other people can do many things. Nowadays, computer can be replaced about nine generations. But the only thing he does is to survive. He gives up unreal conception. On the contrary he lives as usual: growing crop and feeding sheep. He almost does the same thing from day to day, year to year. At the beginning, he complains to God about his miserable life. As the time went on, he calms down. He expresses his gratitude to God who makes him survive the storm. Besides, Robinson is a man with great creativity and working capacity. He had spent more than 20 years

on the isolated island. In order to survive, he ceaselessly thought about how to get enough food. During those years, Robinson learned to raise goats and plant plants. He also learned to make furniture by himself. When he left the island 28 years later, the island was much like a manor or an island country.

Jin Liuchun mentions that if Robinson did not get the necessity of life, maybe he would be eaten by the animal or savages(金留春,1979). The things he gets from the ship are necessary to Robison’s survival, especially the kinds of tools. Having these tools from the civilized society, he does not need to create tools from Stone Age. He can create tools at a high level. Besides that, he gets other things from the sunken ship, such as canvas, rope and board. These also are the basic things of his life. Therefore, he can live there comfortable, having safe houses, abundant food, and warm clothes. The notion of survival, enemy and friend, enterprise, and self-defense are all taken to the desolated island by Robinson. So the individual is not the starting point of historical development.

So,the reasons that Robinson can succeed in living on the deserted island is mainly that his creativity and contentment.If he is no content,he will commit suicidle because of moodiness.If he does not go to innovate and not utilize the stools to invent,he will starve to death or be killed by wild animas or savage.Thanks to the two kinds of spirits he owns and the use of that,he is able to be alive.Besides his bravery and intelligence,what I think the most is his creativity.Making instruments,boats and furniture and so on.All of these is the fundamental conditions.Therefore,why he can leave the island relies on his ability rather than the fortune.

 Conclusion

From The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, the author draws a conclusion that Robinson Crusoe has the spirit of innovation and satisfaction of the life. He is a figure in the novel, but his spirit also applies to the people who live in the real world.

Resently, the society has developped quickly. But gradually, its speed slows down. Because in China, many people are short of energe. So the spirit of innovation should be advocated, especially that of the youth. The innovation can be used many aspects , such as hunting for a job, teaching and learning English. Graduates can use it to solve the problem of employment. The teachers and students in high school can use it to get a better result from teaching and learning. The innovation also can make the society full of vitality, and make people earn more money.

And now, people’s standard of living and way of life has been raised a lot. But

many people are not satisfied with their life. They still seek for much wealth and fame. At last, they have negative results. There is an idea of satisfaction fromThe Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Therefore, they should take satisfaction of life as their phylosophy of life. Satisfaction makes them enjoy their life.

Having both of them, people will be more happy, the society will be more harmonious.

 Bibliography

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一、 敢于挑战现状,追求梦想




二、 发挥才智,勤劳务实



三、 坚毅顽强,持之以恒




四、 心态积极,心怀感恩







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归 档 号:H223-2016-JX17-550


学院: 经济与商务外语学院

专业: 英语 年级: 2012级

学生: 李明灿 学号:1205080301

指导教师: 刘芬 职称: 副教授

题目:How Character Influences Fate in Robinson Crusoe










I would like to express my gratitude to all those who helped me during the writing of this thesis. My deepest gratitude goes first to Professor Liu, my supervisor, for her constant encouragement and guidance. She has walked me through all the stages of the writing of this thesis. Without her consistent and illuminating instruction, this thesis could not have reached its present form. Second, thanks are also due for help ways to other teachers, for their lectures during my studies, which have laid the solid foundation for my studies, and to all my friends and classmates, who have shown their concerns and help which have made my studies more bearable.

Last but not least, I feel very grateful to my family for their selfness and persistent support for my studies.


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关键词:《鲁滨逊漂流记》; 积极;性格;不幸;坚持不懈;命运

How Character Influences Fate in Robinson Crusoe


Robinson Crusoe is the first and the most outstanding novel written by Daniel Defoe, which narrates the hero, Robinson lived a live in a isolate island alone for 28 years. With his spirit of never give up and persistence, he fought against natural adversity and survived in such situation and finally returned his hometown. This paper aims to study and expresses the famous novel by the relationship between character and fate based on relevant materials. With the lacking of the necessities on his living and without any guarantee of his life, Robinson Crusoe lived on an isolated island for almost 28 years. Based on the study of the original book and other related books, it is easy to make a conclusion that Robinson could survived and created his own kingdom was due to his hard working, never giving up the hope of survival, still thinking a lot of creating and remorseless. However, in this money-centered, money-paramount and high-speed boom period, compared with Utopia, the society of the 18thcentury in English and studies written by other authors, the attitude of the hero‘s dealing with the adversity rightly, turning the adversity into advantage, and turning the stumbling stone into stepping stone are more useful for people to learn. People could create a better future by learning the hero‘s hard working, persistence, creativity and never giving up.

Key words:Robinson Crusoe; Positive; Characters; Adversity; Persistence; Fate


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1.Introduction ......................................................................................................... 1

2. Literature Review…………………………………………………………..…2

3. How Character Influences Fate in Robinson Crusoe ............................ 3

3.1 Hard working VS Success .................................................................. 3

3.2 Persistence VS Adversity .................................................................... 4

3.3 Never giving up VS Satisfaction ........................................................ 5

4. Enlightenment from Robinson Crusoe ....................................................... 6

4.1Make a good plan ................................................................................ 6

4.2 Have a good thinking .......................................................................... 7

4.3 Never give up ...................................................................................... 8

5. Conclusion ........................................................................................................... 8 Bibliography…………………………………………………………....................10

1. Introduction

Robinson Crusoe is the first and the most outstanding novel written by Daniel Defoe. If ever the story of any private man‘s adventure in the world were worth making public, and were the acceptable when published, Robinson Crusoe will be so. Robinson Crusoe, which is known as the first true novel in English, is a text much maligned by certain critics on the left. It is, however, not a novel that unambiguously extols the virtues of the bourgeois life. (Marx criticized Robinson Crusoe as a celebration of bourgeois individualism. Crusoe survives alone and lives alone: bourgeois individualists are ‗Robinsonades‘.) To be honest, Robinson lives off the wreckage of a ship- a ‗civilization‘ which had imprisoned Daniel Defoe a lot. Defoe was a self-made man. During his early years as a businessman, he travelled widely on the continent and learned half a dozen European languages. He had an active mind and showed extraordinary energy, taking interests in a great many things. These traits are just showed on Robinson.

There is no doubt that Robinson Crusoe is a great hero written by Daniel Defoe. Though Robinson is myth, he tells people the truth that we should fight against adversity properly. Robinson Crusoe‘s life is full of magic stories. He was born in a good family in the city of York. Once his father said, ―It was the best state in the world, the most suited to human happiness, not exposed to the miseries and hardships, the labor and sufferings of the mechanic part of mankind and not embarrassed with the pride, luxury, ambition, and envy of the upper part of mankind.‖ (Daniel Defoe, 1997) But owing to his rambling thoughts about sailing, he took sail as a job against his parents‘ willingness. However, unfortunately, he was caught by Turkish buccaneers and became a slave at the African shore. Because of the unbearable life, he luckily escaped from his Patron in a boat. Then he was saved by a freighter. And he was sent to Brazil safely.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how character influences a person‘s life and fate, especially the positive characters.And how people make full use of those characters and keep a path towards their satisfactory and successfullife and career.

2. Literature Review

When discussing about the characters based on Robinson Crusoe, most aim to illustrate and express that how characters of the hero influence his life. For instance, He Yang(2000)conveys his idea that this fabulous novel compares the hero‘s complicated characters through describing his attitude and reations toward different situations. Such as diligence, selfishness, hypocrisy, strength, etc. Moreover, Zhang Tiannan(2015)and Huang Shouyou(2002)discussed that the miracle Robinson created was owing to his personal characters. Huang places an emphasis on the hero‘s image---- a typical ―ideal‖ bourgeois individual who is equipped with diligence and rigorous spirit, and praises his personal value and rational thoughts. Besides, like Zhao Kun(2014)said in his recent book, this novel is popular among public results from respect and admire to Robinson who fought against natural difficulties bravely and successfully. On the other hand, he describes that it is instrumental and conducive to educate teenagers‘ personalities and minds. Since those characters Robinson possessed, he lived more than 20 years alone in an isolate island. When facing with adversity and formidable difficulties, Robinson managed to take active measures to tackle them and adapted himself to that environment. Those researches have discussed the personalities and influence on Robinson‘s life, which is helpful for readers to learn.

This thesis will analyze the image of Robinson from the perspective of his positive character. To some extent, there is no doubt that his positive characters have a greatimpact on today‘s people from all walks and life. It is quite understand that we can learn a lesson from his experience. Apart from these studies and analysis, what I want to mention is that the positive image of Robinson, also his favorable spirit still have significant and educational meaning in modern day.

3. How Character Influences Fate in Robinson Crusoe

3.1 Hardworking VS Success

In the novel, the hard work of Robinson shows the characters of human labor. When he took the remained things from the ship which had not sunk into the ocean enough, he expected the utilities of everything he took onshore. Till he had fastened his raft to be strong enough to bear any reasonable weight, then he care about what to load it with and how to preserve what he lain upon it from the surf of the sea. Firstly, he loaded provision such as some bread, rice, three Dutch cheeses, and five pieces of dried goatskin flash, which he would live much upon. He then found some clothes for they might keep him out of cold which made him out of cold. The thing that he wanted most was the carpenter‘s chest, in which there were many valuable tools, for his purpose of cultivating the island for survival. Then he cared about some ammunition and arms, because they could protect themselves from being attacked by dangerous animals.

When Robinson recognized he was the only one survived on the island, he began to consider the security of himself while he was abandoned on a desert island. Honestly, he was flopped into a primitive state from his capitalist society. Though he had brought necessities from the ship, however, they also could turn to be limited for him to live on the island, for it was not a single or two days. So he had to explore the nature and made himself secured on the island. Robinson was actually a man in the primitive society with the concept of bourgeoisie. Engels said Robinson was a real capitalist. He felt fortunate to find himself was still alive, however, the fear struck into his mind that he might be attacked by some dangerous animals.

To keep in safety, the first response is to keep a distance from danger. It is also the effective way and the only way to preserve one‘s life in desperation. Robinson got up

into a thick bushy tree which was near him, and where he resolved to sit all night, and considered ―what death he should dye‖ he cut a short stick for his defense before he got sleep. First step of the building by Robinson, his habitation was just like a country, and seeked a proper place to live where his goods could be stored from whatever might happen. When he got a raft to get necessities from the sinking ship, he was ―under some apprehensions during my absence from the land, that at least my provisions might be devoured on shore‖ having finished his transportation of provisions, he returned to his tent where ―I lay with all my wealth about me very secure‖ he built study fence and door not only for the purpose of protecting himself, but also for the insurance of his wealth. (Daniel Defoe, 1997). What he had done guaranteed his safety on the desert island.

Robinson is the asset with the enterprising spirit. The first problem that he need solve is survival. He firmly believes his own strength. He believes that "a person just afford to sit, not utopian own thing, there is no use," hands to do, to open up for him is an "absolute truth." In order to the necessities in the sinking ship, he has painstakingly over thirty or forty times around the board; in order to do a floor, he was willing to spend 42 days; in order to build a place of refuge, he tented tree fences, and opened the cave;in order to make their living more comfortable, he domesticated wild animals, through plantations and pastures. After all these had been done, he finally created his own "little kingdom", this little kingdom, in addition to the lack of assistants, is nothing lacking.

3.2 Persistence VS Adversity

Twenty-eight years is just a long time. How many twenty-eight years are there in all one‘s life? It is difficult to live on a desert island without necessities for a person for such a long time. The living condition is beyond imagination. But luckily Robinson survived. Robinson is not a person who was born with courage to face up to the adversity. He is not a man who wishes for living stably. Owing to his rebellious thoughts about sailing, he has to confront ever-present various adversities. Why can he deal with the adversity well? Persistence is the most important factor. The reason why Robinson could survive did not due to his good luck, but his attitudes towards the adversities. He did never give up the

hope of survival still thought a lot of creating and remorseless, and finally created a better place for himself.

His perseverance in spending months making a canoe, and in practicing pottery making until he gets it right, is praiseworthy. Additionally, his resourcefulness in building a home, dairy, grape,county house, and goat stable from practically nothing is clearly remarkable. These all are Robinson‘s developments in the islands. Under this kind of enterprising spirit, the entire island has already been regarded as his own territory. Therefore, he improves the island into a homeland.

It is like Robinson said that upon the whole, there was an undoubted testimony, which there was the worst condition in the world so miserable, but there was something negative or something positive to be thankful for in it; and let this stand as a direction from the experience of the most miserable of all conditions in the world, that we may always find in it something to comfort ourselves from and to set in the description of good and evil on the credit side of the account. If a person wants to get out of trouble, he must know how to deal with adversity properly. It is just as an old saying goes that know yourself as well as the enemy, then to be ever–victorious general. People who do not want to change the condition in plight will not get out of the adversity. Otherwise people who live in adversity are eager for chances. Chances belong to those who are prepared for them. One who is always negative and waits for the chance without considering the future or creating the chance will be beaten finally.

3.3 Never giving up VS Satisfaction

Even though Robinson got necessities from the ship that wrecked, he was still lack of something, such as a table and a chair, and etc. When he was in trouble that lacking of necessity, he did not lose his heart of making those necessities, which made a distinction between human and animals. Engels said that never can an ape make a knife even if a stone knife of awful shape.

Firstly, he had no idea how to measure the time. He did not have any calendar so that he only could write down the date in his mind. What made it worse was that

Robinson could not find a pen or a piece of paper. So he used a knife to carve on the stones and trees. Without a table, Robinson could not write and eat, as well as do other things. And he used what he had to make these necessities. He achieved to make a table and chairs though it took him a lot of time and labor. And as soon as Robinson found himself need a basket, though he failed again and again. But he still tried as possible as he could. With the careful observing, he found the twigs which were as tough as the osiers in England. Then he tried again to make a basket with the twigs. Eventually he succeeded.

People will not as fortunate as Robinson who was persistent for such a long time. Facing with adversity with persistence, and people will win at last.

In trouble, people should look squarely at it, and then they can overcome it. Making the determination to overcome the difficulty and making persistent efforts, people will find that the adversity can be overcome easily. Just as the saying goes: persistence is victory. Only if one is remitting to the end, he will get to the summit of victory. People can draw the conclusion that persistence leads to the final success. So take actions and be persistent. Don‘t just come up with an ambitious plan and wait for a proper date to get a start.

4. Enlightenment from Robinson Crusoe

According to the analysis on the positive characters of Robinson, undoubtedly we can get enlightenment from his story and his favorable merits as follow:

4.1 Make a good plan

It is said that a plan is a good guider. It plays an important role in work. When one is in trouble, to make a plan for the future becomes important and necessary than ever before. People must have a plan to help them finish all the things. There are some advantages of making a plan. Firstly, a plan can help people save a lot of time. It makes people know which must be done first and which can be done second. Secondly, a plan

can help people do things better. A good order of doing things makes people happier and relaxed. People can do things quickly and efficiently and they will be interested in everything they do and want to do more. Thirdly, small plans will help people know how to make a big plan — a life study plan. So if people want to make his life better and better, he should plan all the things he will do, and at last make a good plan for his own life.

People who do not want to change the condition in plight will not get out of the adversity. Otherwise people who live in adversity are eager for chances. Chances belong to those who are prepared for them. One who is always negative and waits for the chance without considering the future or creating the chance will be beaten finally.

Only by recognizing the adversity properly can one make constant efforts in practice to get out of adversity. Adversity has its special meaning. It is different from trifles in the daily life. Adversity refers to a state of misfortune or affliction in one‘s life, such as misfortune of a family, the attack of the natural disasters and something like these which brings affliction to the body and mind. Adversity can be changed. To some extent, if one can recognize the adversity properly, take advantage of the chance, create the condition and change the bad factors into the good ones, he can change adversity into a good state and turn a stumbling stone into a stepping one.

4.2Have a good thinking

People always make a contrast between ―discovery‖ and ―invention‖ when they talk about good thinking. Good thinking means the introduction of new things, ideas or ways of doing something. People believed that to find something new and invent something new is to bring forth new ideas.However,on the whole, to bring forth new ideas contains invention and discovery. Moreover they also contain the methods to solve the problem in life and work, and new points of view to treat the problems.

If a person does not know how to adapt the new environment, and he lacks the ability to be flexible, he will be lost himself in the trouble. Good thinking was a way to help people to solve the problem and get out of the trouble quickly. In the book, Robinson always thought of something new when he was in difficulties. If he did

everything with fixed rule, he would not create the necessities that he needed in need. Thanks to his ability to bring forth new ideas, he solved many problems, which helped him overcome the adversity. When people are confronting some troublesome problem, they should try to break away from conventions, and think about the problem from a new prospective, which may help to solve it more quickly.

4.3Never give up

There is an old saying that failure is the path of least persistence. Anyone will get into trouble and feel terrible. If a personlacks of purpose and willpower, he will be destroyed by the adversity. When people are in trouble, they may give up either at the beginning or half way. Victory always belongs to those who dare to challenge with the difficulty. They get to know the meaning and value of life, and feel the happiness of being successful. Robinson was abandoned on the island for twenty–eight years. He firmly believes his own strength. He believes that ―a person just afford to sit, not utopian own thing, there is no use,‖ hands to do, to open up for him is an ―absolute truth.‖In order to make a floor, he was willing to spend 42days; in order to make their own life very rich, he domesticated wild animals, through plantations and pastures. Robinson had been worked hard and at last he was saved.

In trouble, people should look squarely at it, and then they can overcome it. Making the determination to overcome the difficulty and making persistent efforts, people will find that the adversity can be overcome easily. Just as the saying goes: persistence is victory. Only if one is remitting to the end, he will get to the summit of victory. People can draw the conclusion that persistence leads to the final success. Sotake actions and be persistent. Don‘t just come up with an ambitious plan and wait for a proper date to get a start.

5. Conclusion

Robinson Crusoe‘s life in adversity impressed readers a lot. He measured to conquer the adversity and created his own splendid life. Even though the story was overstated, the author gained a good deal of enlightenment from a Scotland sailor in 18th century, and then wrote this story. This shows that there is a real story.Robinson‘s attitudes towards adversity tell people that adversity is not one that is impossible to be overcome. Only if one has the courage to overcome it, and he or she has the proper attitudes and methods towards it, he or she will get out of it and create the splendor of his own life.

Nowadays people live in an ascendant life. And they will not have the experiences like Robinson‘s. But people will certainly come across some different adversity. When people are in an adversity, they should not be beaten by it. President Obama said in 2010: ―The truth is being successful is hard. These people succeeded because they understood that you can‘t let your failures beat you---you have to let your failures teach you. No one born being good at all things. You become good at things through hard work. Don‘t be afraid to ask question. Don‘t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.Don‘t ever give up on yourself.‖They should face up to it calmly, not give up the hope, make plans for the future and be persistent. No pain, no gain. After coming through the adversity, one will find the beauty of life and feel the happiness of overcoming the difficulty. Hemingway says that life will never appear spindrift without adversity like a reef of the Ocean. So one should adjust our mentalities well to confront adversity and convert adversity into favorable circumstances. If one can confront adversity properly, his life will be more perfect and glorious.Heaven is not always blue; water is not always clear; grass is not always green; flower is not always colorful and life is not always plain sailing. Flower will fall and grass will be withered and yellow, but spring will give them vitality again. One should be courageous to fight, to take action, to pursue, to challenge the world. Failure will increase one‘s confidence and he will be successful at last. In trouble, people should look squarely at it, and then they can overcome it. Making the determination to overcome the difficulty and making persistent efforts, people will find that the adversity can be overcome easily. Just as the saying goes: persistence is victory.

Only if one is remitting to the end, he will get to the summit of victory. People can draw the conclusion that persistence leads to the final success. Sotake actions and be persistent. Don‘t just come up with an ambitious plan and wait for a proper date to get a start.


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在暑期期间《鲁滨逊漂流记》这本书我连续看了好几遍,然而每遍我都读得兴致勃勃,津津有味。为什么?因为这部长篇小说中的主人公鲁滨逊他 具有乐观积极不畏艰难的精神,感染了我我,令我十分敬佩。




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复备时间: 学科 课型 课 题 语文 阅读指导课 年级 课时 六年级 第一课时 主备人 执教者 胡明云

《鲁滨逊漂流记》 (一)

1.了解作家常识及作品的创作背景。 2. 初步运用小说人物形象分析法对“鲁滨逊”这一形象进行分析。


3.在熟悉小说的故事线索的基础上准确记忆小说精彩的故事情节及与 之相关的人物,如鲁滨逊“智救‘星期五’“烧制陶器”等等。 ”

在熟悉小说的故事线索的基础上准确记忆小说精彩的故事情节及与之 ” 重点、难点 相关的人物,如鲁滨逊“智救‘星期五’“烧制陶器”等等。



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一、导入: (出示幻灯片一) 十八世纪初,在英格兰的大街小巷,人们到处 议论着一个传奇的人物,讲述着一个离奇的故事: 1704 年,水手塞尔科克登上了一艘海盗船去寻找宝 物,没想到,中途与船长发生了争吵,结果被遗弃 在一个荒岛上, 随身只带了一点武器与一本 《圣经》 。 弹药用完之后,他只好靠快跑追捕山羊,徒手觅食, 过着茹毛饮血般的原始生活,后来,他居然跑得比 一般的猎狗还快。就这样,他一个人在荒岛上生活 了下来,直到四年以后,航海的人们发现了他„„ 1711 年,塞尔科克回到了伦敦,并在报刊上讲 述了自己的经历,他成了闻名一时的人物。他没想 到的是,这段传奇般的冒险经历激发了一个作家的 灵感,不久,以他的故事为原型的小说就发表了。 知道这部小说的名字吗?那么今天我们就一起 来随鲁滨逊去漂流吧! 这部小说被后人尊奉为十八世纪欧洲现实主 义小说的奠基之作, 进而成为文学史中的传世之作。 小说作家丹尼尔.笛福更是家喻户晓了。 有人说, 鲁 《 滨逊漂流记》的成功不是偶然的,它与笛福的生活 和思想密切相关。那么,笛福一生的经历如何呢? 下面我们一起作个简要的了解。 (自然导出对作家的 介绍) 二、简介笛福生平 (出示幻灯片二) 丹尼尔.笛福(1660-1731)生于伦敦一个商人家庭, 到二十多岁的时候他已是一个体面的商人,他从事 过内衣业、烟酒贸易,还开过砖瓦厂。经历过破产。


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他在从事商业的同时从事政治活动,代表当时 日益上升的资产阶级出版大量的政治性小册子,并 因此被捕,后来靠疏通关系才得以出狱。此后他继 续办报纸刊物,写了大量的政治、经济时文,

又几 次被捕,都是因为言论关系。在快年届六十时,笛 福以塞尔柯克的传奇故事为蓝本,把自已多年来的 海上经历和体验倾注在人物身上,并充分运用自已 丰富的想像力进行文学加工,创作了这部妙趣横生、 雅俗共赏、 老少咸宜的传记体小说 《鲁滨逊漂流记》 , 为自已博得了“英国和欧洲小说之父”的美誉。这 促使他数月后便推出了该书的续集,并在短短五年 内一鼓作气写出《辛格尔顿船长》 《摩尔.弗兰德 、 斯》《罗克萨娜》等好几部小说。 、 三、延伸阅读 鲁滨逊是一个铮铮硬汉,对他来说“一个人只 是呆呆地坐着,空想自己所得不到的东西,是没有用 的”,这就是“绝对真理” 。那么,他是如何凭借自 己的双手,凭着自己一个人的力气,凭着自己的智 慧,续写这个生命奇迹的呢?欲知详情如何,请大 家去阅读小说原著《鲁滨逊漂流记》吧。 四、阅读要求: 1.理清故事情节,能简述故事。 2.利用时间阅读小说原著并完成“名著欣赏记 录卡” ,两周后交流。



1 制作笛福的作家名片。 2 写读书笔记。 鲁滨逊漂流记 笛福


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